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Sonic: The Movie 2 Releases New Trailer Inspired By The Matrix | Levelup

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After several months of development, SEGA and Paramount Pictures presented the first trailer for Sonic: The Movie 2, which left the fans very happy. The film will be released until April 2022, but today the production managers shared a great trailer inspired by The Matrix.

Today, December 22, it officially debuted The Matrix Resurrections, the new science fiction movie starring Neo and Trinity. Well, on the occasion of this premiere, today Paramount Pictures published a preview of Sonic with several elements that refer to The Matix.

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The trailer opens with the iconic black screen with green computer data cascading down, only replaced by Sonic’s iconic rings.

Although the trailer is composed for the most part by scenes from the original trailer, some sequences were added in which the viewer is asked which pick to choose: the red pick or the blue pick, in clear reference to the red and blue pills of The Matrix, an element on which the franchise bases its narrative.

“We can only show you the ring. You are the one who has to run for it,” commented the film’s official Twitter account, clearly alluding to what Morfeo said in The Matrix. “Which one [púa] they think Neo would have taken. “

You can check out the trailer below.

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What do you think of the trailer? Are you ready to see the new movie of The Matrix? Tell us in the comments.

The Matrix Resurrections it is already in theaters; Sonic: The Movie 2 will debut until April 8, 2022. You can find more news related to Sonic if you visit this page.

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