Thursday, June 30

Sergio Ramos, two Ligue 1 games, 130 minutes … and first red in France

Lto walk from Sergio Ramos at PSG It has not started in the best way. His signing, back in July, was marked by the continuous doubt about when he was going to make his debut, and in his second league game with the Parisian team. saw two yellow cards in four minutes, completing an improvement stage start and seeing his 27th ejection in his entire career.

Before him Lorient, Mauricio Pochettino was below the scoreboard and at the break I decided to enter Ramos. And the truth is that the entrance of the camero was noticed for good in his team. The Parisians defended with the forward line and this gave them more ball possession and more chances as a result. But nevertheless, could only play 40 minutes, with a red that left him no choice but to leave the field.

The first, In minute 81, it was for an iron to an opponent in the rival area. And the second, in the 85 ‘, for cutting off a Lorient attack as the last man. Nothing went well for the Andalusian, who at least found consolation with the goal Icardi’s draw in the last breath.

Sergio Ramos, sent off in his third game with PSG

The camero made his debut with the PSG shirt against Saint Etienne, there he completed ninety minutes and his performance earned him the praise of the French press: “With his experience he makes everything seem easy “, said ‘Le Parisien, while’ L ‘Equipe’ added: “Ramos showed personality with the ball at his feet and reading the spaces very well.“. The second meeting was at the French Cup, before him Feignies, where he played 45 minutes. The third match was against Lorient, with an end before its time for Ramos.

Expulsion number 27 in his career

Sergio Ramos has the indecent number of 27 expulsions in his entire career.20 in league Spanish, five in the Champions League (competition record, tied with Davies e Ibrahimovic), one in Spanish Super Cup and the last one in France. 135 minutes in Ligue 1 and 45 minutes in the French Cup, 175 minutes in total for the player who was called, since his signing, to be an important piece in the decisive days for PSG.

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