Monday, June 27

Pokémon Shiny Diamond and Shimmering Pearl are updated to version 1.1.3

Pokémon Shiny Diamond / Shimmering Pearl have been updated to the let 1.1.3 as of December 21. The development studio, ILCA, has released the patch with a concise description as shown in the Nintendo official website: “Some issues have been fixed to make the game more enjoyable”. However, players have detected some of the bug fixes that have been implemented in the game of Nintendo Switch.

For install the update the following steps must be followed:

  • 1. Connect the Nintendo Switch console to the Internet.
  • 2. Go back to the Home menu and start the game.
  • 3. The update will download and install automatically.
  • 4. After the update is installed, the latest version number will be displayed on the title screen.

The patch fixes a bug in the notification that appears when a Repellent runs out, as detected from the blog Serebii. The error that allows clone creatures has also been fixed, according to Centro Pokmon. Twitter user @mattyoukhana_ has also noticed that the sprite two-dimensional Legendary Pokémon Registeel has been changed after the controversy that the original design generated in the community.

At the moment, no more news has been detected in version 1.1.3 of the remakes by Sinnoh. If we find some relevant change more we will update this news to indicate it.

A bestseller with mixed reviews

Pokémon Shiny Diamond / Shimmering Pearl PLACE more than 6 million copies worldwide in its launch week. In Spain the game has exceeded 170,000 units taking into account only sales in physical format. Also focusing only on box sales, in Japan it already has more than two million units.

However, the title has been received mixed by critics and the public. In our analysis We praise how it streamlines the original adventure released on the Nintendo DS 15 years ago and certain changes to the endgame, but we also review the absence of difficulty, the lack of significant news and some errors. In the portal Metacritic accumulates 45 mixed reviews and 35 positive ones.

If you are going into Sinnoh for the first time or want to fully exploit the end-of-game content, we recommend taking a look at our guide.

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