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Pokémon GO shares these incredible statistics achieved by its players in 2021

We are already saying goodbye to the year 2021 and there is little left for this to come to an end, therefore Niantic, the parents of the popular Pokmon GO, as they usually do for these few, have published a summary on his official blog with some of the milestones achieved in your video games over the last 365 days. Specifically, its flagship game based on the Nintendo franchise has reached scandal figures, with millions and millions of shares related to Pokémon captures and more made by its community of players.

Summary of Pokémon GO statistics in 2021

Thanks to official data shared by Niantic itself we have been able to discover some of the figures that Pokémon GO has right now, at the end of 2021. According to an image published in Niantic’s summary of the year, these are some of the numbers reached among the entire gaming community this past year:

  • They have hatched: 3,909 billion Pokémon Eggs.
  • They have been captured: 10,269 billion Pokémon in Community Day events.
  • They have been sent: 12.028 billion Gifts between players.

These numbers do nothing but corroborate good health of Pokémon GO today, a game that, far from having been negatively affected by the coronavirus pandemic, has known stay at the foot of the dog and engage its huge community of gamers across the globe.

This past month of July 2021 We inform you that the title achieved exceed $ 5 billion in revenue since its launch in 2016, just coinciding with his fifth anniversary.

More milestones achieved at Niantic games in 2021

Pokémon GO is not the only game Niantic has released to date, but it is the most popular of them. Other of his titles are Ingress The PikminBloom, released this year. They all rely heavily on augmented reality mechanics and encourage their players to Active participation walking and achieving goals together.

In Niantic’s 2021 summary, an image with the countries with the most kilometers traveled by the players of their video games:


South Korea holds the first position, while closely followed by Thailand and Brazil in second and third position. Espaa, for its part, it has come to nothing despicable quinta position. In total worldwide they have traveled more than 6,930,000,000 kilometers at Niantic games this year.

Pokmon GO, is available free for Android and iOS since 2016. If you want to know more details about the title, you can consult our complete guide with tips and tricks.

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