Monday, June 27

One of the Xbox designers complains about the toxicity of Xbox Live

The toxicity in online video games And in gamer communities it is a problem that has plagued the environment for decades, and it has not been until the last few years that console manufacturers, service administrators and users themselves have raised my voice to shed light on this situation. Now him creator of the first Xbox and the service to play online Xbox Live regrets in the toxic climate on the platform and calls for an association of key players in the video game industry to put an end to this circumstance.

Seamus Blackley, creator and designer of the first Xbox, has reacted on his Twitter account to a video published by the streamer australian Grenade Queen. In the footage, of a game of Halo Infinite, two players are heard telling the content creator to go play Fortnite and to show her breasts to Twitch, adding that Halo it’s not for her and that the Master Chief was never a woman. All this before the atomic gaze of the streamer.

“This was not the future for Xbox Live that we envisioned”says Blackley in the message on Twitter. “As a community and with the Microsoft help this needs to stand out and stand. Changing this will involve teamwork between gamers, developers, and console makers, and it’s about time. The hour has passed. “The game designer adds:” I know this is not new. I know you’re pissed off that nothing has been done for a long time. You are right. This only motivates me more. These environments can be cleaned. Let’s do it“.

Blackley was skeptical with Grand Theft Auto 3

Blackley has also been in the news in recent days for a statement in the documentary series Power On: The Xbox Story. It tells how Microsoft ruled out the premiere of Grand Theft Auto III on the first Xbox; the title later became a best seller for PlayStation 2. The Xbox creator took to Twitter to comment that from Rockstar they did not prioritize either GTA 3 at Microsoft meeting: Sam Houser is “really excited about a game,” according to Blackley, an Austin Powers video game.

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