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Nintendo and Xbox recommend setting up the new consoles before Christmas

Nintendo and Xbox have recommended that create user accounts and the new consoles are configured Switch Y Xbox Series X/S that are going to be given away this Christmas before then. The reason is that both brands have expected a saturation of the servers of the online services of both devices by the mass creation of new accountsIt is the morning of December 25, when a large number of players from Spain and the rest of the world will release a new console.

The Twitter account of Nintendo’s Japanese technical support posted the following message on December 20: “This weekend, the access to be concentrated on servers Nintendo Switch and it is expected that the Nintendo Account will not be created immediately. If you plan to use the Nintendo Switch family of consoles for the first time, please we recommend that you create it in advance“. In this link you can access the instructions in spanish to create a Nintendo account.

Larry Hryb, director de programacin de Xbox Live, advises the same on his Twitter account. “If you are giving a console as a gift to someone for Christmas, Take it out of the box and download and install the updates so you can play even faster. “” Then you can repackage the console and have it ready for the big premiere, “he adds. Also remember that Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can play the titles through the cloud. find the tutorial in spanish to set up an Xbox here.

A common problem every year with new consoles

In 2020 something similar happened with Nintendo servers. The process of creating an account and even accessing the Nintendo eShop digital store slowed down due to the influx of new customers. The servers of PlayStation Network and Nintendo went down on Christmas 2017, and in 2013 the same happened with the Switch manufacturer’s network.

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