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New World: youtuber receives a copyright claim after exposing a game bug | Levelup

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New World managed to position itself almost immediately as one of the most popular MMORPGs on the market. However, little by little the community began to lose interest due to the numerous bugs that significantly detract from the experience. Now the game and the developers have come under fire due to a content creator.

Over the weekend, youtuber Video Game DataBank uploaded a video to his channel where he informed the community about a bug he found in the MMORPG. Specifically, the error in question is related to the crafting system and occurs when raising 3 skill levels at the same time, which causes players not to gain more experience points beyond the 3 levels they have already raised. This can cost a large sum of gold and XP for users who want to climb multiple levels as quickly as possible.

The content creator uploaded the video in order to alert the community to the issue. However, he also considered that it could help developers to detect and fix the error, so he considered it appropriate to contact Amazon Games Studios technical support and provide the footage. However, he received everything but a thank you.

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The video of the youtuber was temporarily removed from the platform

After exchanging a few messages with the technical support staff, Video Game DataBank shared the footage reporting the bug. However, it appears that Amazon Games hit the video with a copyright claim. This situation, of course, aroused the discontent of the youtuber and his community.

“Instead of helping, they claimed copyright on the video, gave me a copyright warning, and potentially they can go after my YouTube channel to remove me from the platform forever,” the youtuber said in another video.

After this, the content creator temporarily lost the video and his YouTube channel has a copyright strike. We must remember that content creators can lose their accounts forever if they receive a maximum of 3 warnings.

Amazon Games Studios admits it made a mistake

Of course, this situation quickly gained a lot of visibility on social media and the game’s forums. Similarly, other content creators such as Asmongold addressed the case and gave their opinion on it.

Faced with the backlash from the community, Amazon Games Studios issued a statement with streamer Asmongold where he acknowledged that he made a mistake and that, in fact, he intended to claim a gold sale advertisement that appeared in the content creator’s video. .

Either way, the original Video Game DataBank video was available again and everything seems to indicate that the copyright claim has disappeared.

But tell us, what do you think of this situation? Let us read you in the comment box.

New World is available for PC. You can read more about him if you visit this page.

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