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Naomi Show trailer reveals DC Arrowverse hero’s origin story

A new trailer for The CW’s Naomi highlights the origin story of the DC Arrowverse hero and showcases her powers ahead of the show’s premiere on January 11.

A new Naomi The trailer highlights the origin story of the DC Arrowverse hero. On Tuesday, January 11, the series will join The CW’s superhero lineup, which will air alongside Superman and Lois season 2. However, while that show features main characters featured elsewhere in the Arrowverse, NaomiThe series premiere will mark the first time that viewers have seen The CW’s version of the character. Naomi will be played by the relatively new Kaci Walfall, and the show also boasts some impressive behind-the-scenes talent; Celebrated filmmaker Ava DuVernay developed the series and wrote the first episode.

In April 2021, DuVernay shared a first-look photo of Walfall’s character. Naomi could be seen riding her skateboard through the halls of her high school. Images released since then showed Naomi’s connection to Superman and her role in her origin story. However, it is unclear if the Arrowverse’s resident Superman, played by Tyler Hoechlin, will actually appear in the series. Regardless, considering the popularity of the Naomi Comics and DuVernay’s involvement, viewers have high hopes for the Arrowverse’s newest show.

Now, The CW has launched a new Naomi trailer that should make audiences even more excited to see the series when it premieres next year. The video features quite a bit of footage seen before, namely Naomi on the ground as Superman flies over her. However, it provides the first in-depth look at her powers, as well as Naomi’s relationship with her alien mentor, Dee. Check out the trailer below:

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This trailer highlights the scope of the series a little better than the previous videos. Not only is it exciting to see Naomi’s powers in action, but the new footage also showcases more characters from the series and the roles they will play on Naomi’s journey. It’s clear that Alexander Wraith’s Dee will have a great influence on the young heroine as she develops her powers. The ending of the trailer also hints that Naomi may be more willing to reveal her superhero status than some of the other Arrowverse characters. This makes sense since he is younger than most of the heroes seen elsewhere on The CW; Brec Bassinger’s Stargirl also has adults in her life aware of her powers.

With the Arrowverse series as Superchica Y Black Lightning ending earlier this year, The CW is in a period of franchise renewal with new shows, and Naomi it will be a big part of that. In particular, the network seems focused on highlighting high school age heroes, perhaps in an attempt to attract younger viewers. With Star Girlteenage superheroes, Superman and Lois He has spent a lot of time with Clark and Lois’ children, Jonathan and Jordan. For this reason, Naomi Y Superman and Lois Season 2 should be a solid match when they begin airing on January 11.

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