Wednesday, July 6

Mythic Ocean dates its version of PlayStation • Console and Dashboard

Mythic Ocean is about to see the light on PlayStation consoles. It will be on January 1 when it is available on PS4 and PS5, accompanied by a demo.


This Paralune title gives us the freedom to instruct the gods in creating a perfect world. Or, at least, to try. As friends of the deities, we will take advantage of our influence over them.

What is defined as an atmospheric adventure takes place under the sea, with decision-making by flag. It resorts to a careful narrative that, added to the exploration, generates “a visual novel of free exploration.” Along the way, we will run into numerous creatures.

Combats do not exist and, therefore, neither do deaths. Thus, the only challenge is to achieve the best possible world. It is now available in PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S y Nintendo Switch.

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