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MCU: 10 Characters Spider-Man Needs To Team Up With

Spider-Man has struggled with some of the best in the MCU, but there are still more teams and stories to explore.

Warning: this list contains SPOILERS for Spider-Man: No Way Home and Hawkeye.

Tom Holland’s Spider-Man has been in the MCU for five years and has appeared in six movies so far. During that time, he has had brief encounters with many other members of the MCU and two notable collaborations on his solo films, one with Iron Man and one now with Dr. Strange in Spider-Man: No way home.

Moving towards a possible new trilogy in the MCU, he is expected to interact with more heroes in the future, and there are some characters currently set or to be set in the near future that will complement the web. -throwing hero in a team setting.

Mrs. Marvel

Spider-Man y Mrs. Marvel They have a lot in common. They are both relatively young superheroes and although Kamala lives in New Jersey, they are both based in the New York area, as Jersey is only a step away. With Kamala being more of a new face, Spider-Man could act as a mentor now that he’s been on the superhero circuit for some time.

It’s unclear what exactly will be done with Ms. Marvel, but what has been confirmed so far is that she is somehow or other inspired by Carol Danvers from Captain Marvel fame, whom Peter met briefly during Avengers Endgame, and she will appear in The wonders.

Ant-Man y Wasp

Being bug-themed superheroes, it seems like a no-brainer for Spider-Man to be associated with Ant-Man and the Wasp. Since the duo are adapted to heist-type scenarios, they may be able to seek help from a certain individual who takes to the web and can easily scale skyscrapers.

Peter also has a bit of a history with Scott Lang, as Spider-Man helped bring him down while in Giant Man form during the airport fight scene in Captain America: Civil War. While this pairing hasn’t happened as iconically as others, it is still fertile ground to work with the MCU.

dead Pool

Deadpool and Spider-Man have come together many times in the comics, and it may seem far-fetched, but with the recent takeover of Fox by Disney and Marvel, Deadpool 3 it’s slated to be part of the MCU itself. They’re both funny characters in their own way, and they even have similar costume designs, a bit of trivia that Deadpool pokes fun at in his own movie.

Deadpool’s violence and rudeness may have to be toned down to team up with the familiar neighborhood Spider-Man, but with Deadpool’s penchant for breaking the fourth wall, you’ll have plenty of material to work with regarding reboots, study . disputes, recasts, etc.

Captain America (Sam Wilson)

Sam Wilson, AKA The Falcon, AKA Captain America now after the events of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, it would be a great team with Spider-Man. The two have met before during the fight at the airport in Captain America: Civil War, where they faced each other.

It would be interesting to see how they interact now after the respective changes they have gone through since then, as well as how they do it fighting on the same side. Based on their interactions in the comics and the brief banter they’ve had in the MCU, it seems like Sam Wilson would make a good straight man for Spidey to bounce off of.

Human Torch

This is a classic outfit from the comics. Being the youngest member of the Fantastic Four, Johnny Storm quickly became friends with Peter Parker, and the two have had many adventures together. It remains to be seen how the Fantastic Four will perform, but at least Kevin Feige has confirmed that something is in the works.

If they stay true to the comics, Johnny will find his home in the Baxter Building in downtown New York, so the two are sure to cross paths. Comic book fans would be delighted to see the duo touring New York City and getting into mischief.

Kate Bishop

Kate Bishop is fast becoming a fan favorite with the Hawkeye The Disney + series and Hawkeye’s pseudo protégé have a lot in common with everyone’s favorite web-head. Both characters operate in New York City, and both are fledgling superheroes to some degree, although Peter was arguably more experienced.

With Kate’s expert archery, access to trick arrows, and various other talents, the team could come up with some interesting combinations in fights.


As successful as it was, surely Marvel is looking to expand and have other MCU characters appear in a sequel to Shang-Chi. While he is not from New York nor is he currently based in the MCU, in the comics, Shang-Chi is a regular member of Heroes for Hire, a group consisting of Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and other street-level heroes.

If the movies ever decide to take him there, it would be fun for these two to interact. While Shang-Chi’s origins are more centered on having gone through years of discipline and training to acquire his abilities, Spider-Man’s powers are more about him. This is an area where the two of you could learn and bounce off each other.

Moon knight

Moon Knight is a kind of Egyptian-themed version of Batman from Marvel, but with more mental health issues. He will soon be played by Oscar Isaac in the Moon knight In the Disney + series, Marc Spector is a sometime detective who has been blessed as the champion of an otherworldly deity, a point that is often the subject of scrutiny due to being an unreliable narrator and suffering from a disorder. dissociative identity.

He and Spider-Man are both agile and adept at hand-to-hand combat and with their glider cape and Spider-Man’s webs, they both have effective ways of traversing the city so the two are a perfect fit. Also, Moon Knight is generally tied to the more mystical side of things in the MCU, which Spider-Man is no stranger to in the comics or the movies.

Ella Hulk

Usually in the comics, Jennifer Walters has a sense of humor that would fit well with Spider-Man’s, and if the promo material is any indication, that’s the tone Marvel is choosing. Ella Hulk. While Spidey hasn’t had as many frequent encounters with her as with other heroes, he has been a temporary member of the Fantastic Four, a group that Spider-Man has been intimately familiar with.

And it’s had some notable stories that could be adapted with Spider-Man in them. With She-Hulk being more of a heavy hitter on the ground, and Spider-Man being more agile, the two could have some entertaining fight scenes and pieces set up.


Daredevil working with Spider-Man is a classic and prevalent team from the comics. They are both acrobatic and agile, adept at traversing the New York cityscape, and both are generally known for dealing with street crime. The two share a common enemy in Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin who appeared in the recent Hawkeye serie.

And, the two have even met in Spider-Man: No Way Home where Matt Murdock makes a cameo played by Charlie Cox as Peter Parker’s lawyer. If there’s one place Daredevil could appear next in the MCU, it’s with Spider-Man. The seeds are well stitched for this team and if Marvel knows what they are up to, they will follow suit.

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