Sunday, June 26

Iker Casillas and Sara Carbonero, together on a trip to Porto

Tafter having announced their separation in March of this year, Sara Carbonero and Iker Casillas They have been seen together with their children Martín and Lucas, 7 and 5 years old respectively, on a getaway in Port, as explained exclusively by Semana magazine.

The publication assures that, although they stayed in the same hotel, They tried to go unnoticed by entering and leaving separately, which suggests that they have wanted to keep this trip a secret.

In fact, the only image they published in Portuguese was one that the ex-footballer shared on his account. Instagram. In addition, Semana assures that the trip was not for tourism, but that it would be to visit friends they made during the five years they lived there.

On December 7, they both returned to Madrid, where they live close to each other for the comfort of their children, since despite the breakup, the ex-partner has always flaunted their good relationship.

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