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How the Grappleshot Revolutionizes Halo Infinite Gameplay

The Grappleshot is an astonishingly versatile piece of equipment that has huge implications for the gameplay of Halo Infinite.

Infinite Halo introduced a host of new pieces of gear for players to experience, such as the Threat Sensor, the Repulsor, and the Falling Wall, but none had a bigger impact among fans than the Grappleshot. It appeared strongly in the Infinite Halo multiplayer trailer that was released at E3 this year, which also showcased some unique ways that players could employ Grappleshot. For example, players can hijack an enemy vehicle simply by grabbing it, making the Grappleshot a useful counter for flying opponents.

Mainly though, the Grappleshot allows players to traverse the maps quickly, swinging from place to place, and it also allows players to pick up distant objects like the Gravity Hammer or fusion coils. As players have continued to experiment and find new uses for it, something of a Grappleshot meta has emerged. Infinite Halo. While all the new gear additions are quite innovative, the Grappleshot, by its very nature, has huge gameplay implications for Infinite Halo that have never been seen in the franchise before.

Infinite Halo it is difficult to define in simple terms; While it has many similarities to the best sand shooters, it also has a unique combination of power-ups (or lack thereof) and weapon options that put it in a camp on its own. With that in mind, positioning is arguably a more important factor in determining the outcome of every fight in Infinite Halo than in most other shooters. The reasoning is simple: in Infinite Halo, shots are better aimed at the torso until the shields are broken, so any position that features less of the body and more of the head, a harder target to hit consistently, will be really advantageous until the shields go down .

The Grappleshot, which allows players to traverse maps more quickly and reach more difficult areas, is arguably the best gear around. Infinite Halo for multiplayer encounters. It may not offer protection like the Drop Shield, or an idea of ​​enemy position like the Threat Sensor, but what the Grappleshot does offer when used correctly is a statistical advantage in a heads-up fight. This won’t make a difference when the gap in shooting ability is too wide, but it’s a good place to start.

Halo Infinite’s Grappleshot shines in objective modes

It was a surprise to the fans when Infinite Halo was released without a dedicated Slayer playlist, and the result was that players who normally avoided objective-based game modes were forced to rotate through games of Oddball, Capture the Flag, Domination, and the like. Fortunately, even players unfamiliar with the modes had a saving grace in Grappleshot.

While it is effective in almost any mode in Infinite Halo, the Grappleshot is a completely different beast in objective modes. This is because Infinite Halo normally limits the mobility of any player actively playing an objective. For example, players cannot run while holding the Oddball. The Grappleshot is the best option to get a break from these mobility limitations.

Since the Grappleshot can be used to collect all targets (except the initial flag pickup), it can significantly speed up target captures. If a flag-bearing teammate dies in a dangerous location, another player can simply grab him to a higher ledge and walk away to safety. in a Infinite Halo Weirdo match, the aircraft carrier could create significant distance between themselves and the enemy by momentarily dropping the weirdo and grabbing it after running to its next location. Even in modes like Domination, players can use it on both offense and defense to cover more of the map, meaning they will fight together as a team in almost every matchup that breaks out.

Infinite Halo is available on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.

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