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Halo Infinite lets you put cat ears on your Spartan and the Internet loves that | Levelup

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Halo Infinite is already among us and its multiplayer is full of cosmetics of all kinds. There are a ton of them that are great, but none have made as much noise as a pair of cat ears for your Spartan.

Yesterday afternoon, the store Halo Infinite it was updated with the arrival of the Audio Purrfecto helmet ornament (Purrfect Audio). This is a helmet that is very reminiscent of certain Razer headphones, as it basically adds a pair of cat ears to your Spartan helmet to make it look deadly and cuddly in exact proportions.

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Audio Purffecto is available in the Halo Infinite as part of the Cat Lovers pack. This product also includes an ornament for your weapon and a color scheme for armor. In this way, you can show off the entire set.

Below, you can see everything that the package includes:

Everything that Cat Lovers brings

If you are interested in having the Cat Lovers package you will have to pay 1000 credits.

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The internet is loving cat ears on Halo Infinite

Whenever such an object is thrown there is the possibility that there are people who are offended by its existence. This since they believe that they are silly objects that make the multiplayer shooter lose its seriousness.

However, it seems that the internet is loving cat ears and that they are an extremely popular product. So much so that there are even those who are asking other players to resist buying them in order to continue protesting against the monetization of multiplayer of Halo Infinite, which has been somewhat controversial.

And you, what do you think about this class of objects in Halo Infinite? Tell us in the comments.

Halo Infinite It is available now for Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC. You can learn more about the new Master Chief adventure by clicking here.

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