Tuesday, July 5

Genshin Impact Receives New Trailer Showing YunJin At Game Awards

At the Game Awards last night, Impacto de Genshin won the ‘Best Mobile Game’ award. After which, we got a new trailer for the game. This showed Arataki Itto and Garou, along with a sneak peek of a new character to come in the future: Yunjin.

The trailer for the most part, while well done, didn’t show anything we didn’t know was coming. The wide shots are of Inazuma, an archipelago that we just finished exploring with the new 2.3 update.

Arataki Itto and Garou were also previously confirmed and were shown with their own trailers during the Genshin Impact 2.3 live stream a few days before its release.

Yunjin is slightly different. Appearing briefly at the end of the trailer overlooking Liyue Harbor, this character is not yet in the game. Only teased via Genshin Impact’s official social media accounts (and of course the leaks beforehand), this character is likely to arrive in the game’s next big update.

Yunjin is a polearm-wielding geo character, making her the third geo character to cast in a row after Garou and Itto. This was a much-needed injection of characters for the elemental class, as previously players had limited options when it came to building a geographic team.

All that said, a celebratory trailer showing the content that won the Genshin Impact award is a nice touch for a game that has had a great year, even if it didn’t show too much in terms of upcoming content. Let us know below, do you think Genshin Impact deserved the award for best mobile game?

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