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Final Fantasy Origin Official Boxart Revealed

Square Enix reveals the official box art for Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, featuring distorted character portraits and a familiar silhouette.

Stranger from Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin It’s only a couple of months away from launch, and fans are eager to see it at its best. Now, Square Enix has revealed Stranger from Paradise: Final Fantasy OriginOfficial box art, reminiscent of previous works of art while integrating new ideas.

When Origin of Final Fantasy announced at E3 2021, it had a mixed reception from fans and critics alike. While the notion of a prequel to the classic Final Fantasy is an interesting premise, Stranger from paradise The edgy aesthetic was a turnoff for many, being a fairly strong tonal clash from the original title. A scene from Origin of Final FantasyThe latest demo had fans reeling, the lead, Jack, completely discarding another character’s backstory, then proceeded to walk away with his music playing. As an action RPG, players will be able to customize Jack and his party, but with fast-paced gameplay and even some multiplayer components.

Origin of Final FantasyThe box art has been officially revealed, with the main cast of characters. The faces of Jack’s main Warriors of Light, Jed, Ash, and the recently introduced Neon, can be seen in a variety of crossover images, some showing their eyes and hair, while others complete the face with their nose and mouse. . These images are arranged to create the silhouette of none other than Garland himself, whose armored helmet can be clearly seen to the right of the logo. This design sits on top of the classic Final Fantasy white background, creating a sharp and somewhat nostalgic image

Interestingly, of the Warriors of Light, Jack’s face is the only one that is completely filtered in red, and the other members of the group have relatively normal, if not a little dark, color palettes. Jack certified himself as an angry protagonist in the veins of Kratos, who in all appearances thus far, has one goal in mind – to kill Chaos – and never expresses himself too much in any other way. Previous key art for Origin of Final Fantasy shows Jack with a similar red filter, although the line is a bit more wispy and chaotic, unlike the renders that are on the official box art.

By putting the Warriors of Light and Garland in the box art, it can be assumed that these are the most important characters in Origin of Final Fantasy, although they are not the only members of the cast. Recent screenshots showed many other Origin of Final Fantasy characters like Cornelia’s King and Queen, Sarah and Mia, Cornelia’s Princesses, and a pirate named Bikke, who was present in the original game but not very prominently. It will be interesting to see where this story goes so that it can properly lead to the original. Final Fantasy.

Strangers from Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin launches March 18, 2022 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.

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