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FF14 Secret in the Box quest – How to solve the puzzles on the letter to get the key


FF14 Secret in the Box is one of Endwalker’s more vague missions.

You’ll gain additional information on Thancred and a wealth of experience for your efforts, making it one of the most valuable side quests to undertake. However, it will not be available until you complete the Foreign Aid main story mission.

How to complete mission FF14 Secret in the Box – Solve the puzzles on the letter to get the key

Head to Old Sharlayan, specifically the stadium. If you are having trouble spotting the mission on your map, the coordinates are x: 10.6, y: 11.1. The Mysterious Maiden has a set of tasks for you, but first you will have to solve three puzzles.

Secret in the box riddle 1

Or I would without this guide. Examine the letter as indicated, then head to x7.9, y13.8 and the NPC Sleepy Student. You will need to “doze” in front of him, so enter the command / doze in the chat box to finish this part.

Acertijo de Secret in the Box 2

For the second puzzle, go to x9.0, y7.3 and say “golden acorn” to the Nutkin squirrel. That’s the / s command in the chat box, followed by “golden acorn” (without the quotes).

Secret in the box riddle 3

The last puzzle takes you to x11.5, y8.5, where all you need to do is talk to Izumi.

Return to the Maiden and you will get:

  • 169,000 – 190,000 experience points
  • Chondrite Ring Chest
  • 735 Gil

And a little backstory on Thancred. Chest rings are common, but useful, so they are worth opening even if you don’t need them. You can always sell it on the market anyway.

That’s it for how to complete Secret in the Box in FF14. Make sure you do it all at once and avoid being AFK for too long. With Endwalker queue status, the last thing you want is to be kicked off the server. FF14 is the most profitable game in the series, and while it’s not on Xbox yet, the number of players trying to log in is likely not going to decrease any time soon.

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