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Excitement! Bravely Default II has already sold over one million units LevelUp

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Bravely Default II It was released in February of this year and it became a good choice for all JRPG lovers. A year has not been completed since its arrival and Square Enix has just confirmed that it has already exceeded one million units sold.

This installment of the saga is giving good results to Square Enix

As you surely remember, Bravely Default II It was a Nintendo Switch exclusive at first, and months later it came to Steam. Now, it seems that the strategy worked very well for those responsible and they are already celebrating the enormous success of the title.

The announcement of the impressive sales record was made in a tweet from the official account of Bravely Default II in Japan, where the development team thanked all users of the game.

Here you can see it:

“Accumulated global shipments and digital sales have exceeded one million. Thank you all for your support ”, says part of the statement.

As you could see, the results of Bravely Default II They include total sales for the Nintendo Switch (in all its formats) and Steam, a situation that could convince the company to bet on a possible third installment.

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Finally, and to continue celebrating the occasion, Square Enix announced that during the next few days, and until January 5, the game will have a 30% discount to be obtained for only $ 909.30 MXN.

We remind you that the fans of the saga are waiting Bravely Default: Brilliant Lights, game with which the 10 years of the franchise will be celebrated and which will be launched on mobile devices on a date yet to be confirmed.

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