Wednesday, May 25

EVO hires the director of Combo Breaker | Levelup

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In a move to further reinforce the spirit of the Fighting Game Community, EVO management has hired popular tournament organizer Rick “TheHadou” Thiher as general manager of the event.

TheHadou is known for his work as the director of Combo Breaker, another of the FGC’s flagship events. Now, he will also be responsible for overseeing EVO’s strategic vision and direction. This includes the daily operation of the event and any of its expansions.

“The FGC has had an idyllic vision of what EVO could be,” said TheHadou. “As part of the team, I look forward to making that wish come true and sharing memorable experiences with our players and fans. The fighting game genre has attracted new fans over the course of several generations. We want to continue celebrating that legacy with EVO by presenting our community to audiences unknown to new generations. “

TheHadou will also continue to serve as director of Combo Breaker, an event that has been a mainstay of the FGC since it was established in 2015.

Since Sony Interactive Entertainment and RTS bought EVO in March, the team has maintained its stance to support and retain the legacy of the FGC as it works to expand the event.

In that sense, hiring TheHadou is a strong move, as it has turned Combo Breaker into a successful event series that combines the best of the FGC’s present and past.

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