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Easine by iLife W100 Dry-Wet Vacuum Cleaner

Easine W100 It is the first vacuum cleaner of the brand that combines vacuuming and scrubbing, it is also configured as a star product in the segment of economical price from Easine by iLife. It is characterized by its multifunctionality in suction work, adding the scrubbing capacity and the characteristic of Self-cleaning.

Zhiyi Technology is the producing company, and it is specialized in intelligent robot vacuum cleaners, endowed with advanced technology. Easine is a second brand from the internationally recognized iLife that is configured with the combination of the letter “I” (intelligence) and the word “LIFE”, indicating the business objective of developing products for a more comfortable life. It is a company that has considerable experience in the market, since its robots already help millions of families to have a clean environment, with less effort and in a more efficient way. Established in business centers in Shenzhen and Hong Kong, it applies cutting-edge technologies in factories in Shenzhen and Dongguan. It markets product in Asia, Europe (including Spain) and America,

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Robot vacuum cleaners are already common equipment in our homes, those of iLife have earned their optimal position in the market, offering a catalog of traditional models, such as roomba, broom and hand vacuum cleaners. Now, the firm has announced a vertical model that combines two functionalities in a single appliance: vacuuming and scrubbing, which in addition to reducing the number of electrical appliances in the home increases the quality of cleaning. The Easine W100 It is the first wet and dry vacuum of the firm.

Outstanding features

The W100 integrates vacuum and scrub functions. It has a self-cleaning protocol. This all-in-one has different control modes, among which a voice command system stands out.

It is a device that works intelligently, that is, it is prepared to adapt to different types of floors including wood, laminate, marble, tile floor, etc. In all of them it manages to eliminate stains and pet waste.

Key aspects

This machine with wireless operation is configured as a all in one. It integrates multiple functions, it can vacuum, soak, scrub at the same time (effective on stubborn stains) and self-clean.

It takes up little space, works simply by means of a button, has two tanks (one for powder and one for water). Dual Tank technology separates clean water from dirty water to avoid secondary contamination.

Advanced display

The equipment has a complete LED screen that shows different states of the machine, so the user has a clear vision of what he is doing.

Voice control

The voice assistant guides you through all the action including: on / off, charge status, how to configure the water tanks, errors, additional information, recommendations, etc.

Filter system

The HEPA filter is located in the water tank, it integrates a filter for micro-dust / particles, pet hair, etc. The HEPA filter must be cleaned every 3 months.


The 3-in-1 docking station can store the main body of the device, plus all the included accessories. Everything neat.


Wet and dry vacuum

Wireless operation

All-in-one device

Dual tanks that ensure clean water is always wetting the floor. Dirty water and garbage will be stored in the dirty water tank, reducing secondary pollution.

Self-cleaning. By pressing the auto clean button, W100 will start cleaning the brush roller and tubes by itself.

30 minutes of autonomy. With removable 3000 mAh battery. For a house cleaning of 200㎡.

500ml dirty water tank

600 ml clean water tank

W100 is designed for daily cleaning and can be used on most types of hard floors.

Spray button, located under the main handle, controls the amount of surface water based on soil conditions.

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Net Weight: About 4.2kg

Dimensión: 1170 X 280 X 250 mm

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