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EA canceled a Harry Potter MMO; believed that the series was going to die in a couple of years | Levelup

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Several years ago, Electronic Arts was the company that had the license to develop and distribute video games from Harry Potter. That left us with several games that many of us remember fondly, although perhaps they are worse than we want to accept. That said, there were also some projects from the world of wizardry that never came to light. One of them appears to have been an MMO.

Kimberly Salzer, former director of product marketing at Electronic Arts, had an interview with Original Gamer Life. There they asked him if he ever had to work on a project that excited him a lot, but that in the end did not materialize or that it was simply canceled.

According to Salzer, Electronic Arts worked on an MMO of Harry Potter which reached a Beta phase of development. It was a really ambitious game, in which they were even going to send physical prizes to the players.

“One of the most important to me, because I got personally involved in it, and because it is such a large IP that it has continued, it was a massively multiplayer online game of Harry Potter“Salzer said.” We did all the research, we had the Beta built, it was a combined offline / online experience where we mailed things to the kids, like prizes, ribbons and things like that. “

It sounded like an interesting proposition and considering the phenomenon it was Harry Potter, many will wonder why EA canceled it and Salzer explained: “We investigated thoroughly, we were very confident in the success of this. But they killed him, for lack of a better term, because EA was going through changes at the time and they didn’t know or They did not believe enough that this IP would last beyond a year or 2. “

The latter attracts a lot of attention, since Harry Potter It has been a massive franchise in the entertainment world for roughly 20 years. In fact, Warner Bros. is expected to release next year Howards Legacy, a AAA title based on this universe.

According to Salzer’s LinkedIn profile, his time as a member of EA was between 2000 and 2003. Thus, it is believed that the project was expected between these years.

And you, would you have liked an MMO of Harry Potter? Do you think this project would have been a success or that Electronic Arts was right to cancel it? Tell us in the comments.

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