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During 2021, Xbox Game Pass added titles with a total value of more than $ 6000 USD | Levelup

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Beyond the controversy around whether or not it is profitable, Xbox Game Pass bases a large part of its success on maintaining a very attractive offer of available titles, just taking into account that Xbox Game Studios exclusives have been in service since Day 1. So far, little is disclosed about Game Pass, but one site calculated how much it offered of value in terms of money.

Xbox Game Pass offered more than $ 6,000 USD worth of games during 2021

According to information from The Loadout (via VGC) Xbox Game Pass, adding the titles available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC consoles, offered during 2021 titles with a total value of $ 6,317.35 USD, a figure that was calculated considering the prices of each game at Microsoft Store without being on sale. As for the month that offered the highest value, March with $ 964.67 USD, while the weakest month was April with $ 330.91 USD.

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Since we are talking about Xbox Game Pass, we remind you of the recent analysis carried out by NPD Group where it was revealed that games with good ratings and available on the service experienced an increase in their sales but, on the contrary, games with poor ratings saw a reduction in its market performance.

Likewise, Microsoft is closing 2021 with a great gift as some users have received codes to have 5 free months of Xbox Game Pass.

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