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Deaf ears! Ubisoft will continue with the NFT despite criticism from fans and employees | Levelup

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The revelation of Ubisoft Quartz, the French studio’s proposal to incorporate NFTs into video games, was a failure. The project was rejected by the players and by the workers of Ubisoft themselves, who insist on believing that non-fungible tokens have a future in the industry.

During this week it became clear that Ubisoft Quartz aroused the interest of a negligible number of people and that there is almost no interest in these items on the market.

Despite this and multiple criticisms, Ubisoft recently reaffirmed that it will stand firm and continue to support NFTs, believing that they will be a major change for the industry.

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Ubisoft will do everything possible to bring NFT to video games

Ubisoft executives demonstrated once again that they do not listen to their fans or their workers, as they decided to put aside all the recent criticism to endorse their support for non-fungible tokens in video games.

During an interview with Decrypt, Didier Genevois, Blockchain Technical Director at Ubisoft, spoke about his strategy with NFTs and his new partnership with to bring them to the world of video games.

The manager is aware of the poor reception that the Ubisoft Quartz proposal has had among players. He affirmed that he understands where the feeling of rejection that there is towards technology comes from; however, they will continue with their plans.

The company believes that the arrival of NFTs will be a major change for video games, but that the proposal will take time to be accepted and understood. Their goal is to use non-fungible tokens and blockchain technology responsibly, create secure environments, and offer value propositions to players.

“This experiment aims to understand how our players can welcome and embrace the decentralization value proposition. We know that it is an important change that will take time, but we will remain faithful to our 3 principles ”, commented the manager.

For his part, Jonathan Schemoul, founder of, assured that sooner or later large video game companies will be interested in non-fungible tokens as soon as they see their benefits and what they can do to improve gaming experiences.

“Our primary goal with Ubisoft Quartz is to show the true value of decentralization to our players. played a key role in realizing our vision,” concluded Genevois.

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