Wednesday, June 29

Company of Heroes 3 shows its campaign in depth in a new video

Company of Heroes 3 He is already preparing his arsenal to return to the battlefield. The iconic real-time strategy saga returns to the lives of players in 2022 for the computer, and from Relic they wanted to share with users a detailed look at its story mode. In the video that we leave you below these lines you can see the Dynamic Campaign Map. At the beginning of this month of December we were able to test the pre-alpha multiplayer, where they also presented four maps, two factions and several modes.

Company of Heroes 3, World War II prepares to return

As a novelty compared to previous deliveries, Company of Heroes 3 put players in the shoes of a WWII general. Embodying this character, we will have to manage on a dynamic campaign map, which determines the course of the Allied campaign in Italy “day by day, battle by battle”. In this mode, users will make decisions that affect not only the battles we fight, but also the evolution of the war itself.

The player is exposed to a broader conflict which requires great logistics: ‘Where do I put my troops? Where do I make them land? Do I have the right troops to do the job? ‘ These are the kinds of questions and problems we want to ask the player, “says Andrew Denealt, lead designer of the campaign map. In this sense, he argues that this campaign offers a” more strategic “nature. is the ability to customize our army. “If they want to go just for an air force, they can do it,” says Cameron White.

“The player is exposed to a broader conflict”

So now you know: in Company of Heroes 3 play them command like an authentic general your troops so that the balance is tipped only in your favor. Regarding the multiplayer mode, the cooperative modes against AI opponents, the competitive Player against Player and the skirmish will also be present.

As the game launches, Relic developers have taken note of player feedback after the multiplayer test in order to “deliver the biggest and best multiplayer experience at launch.” And the campaign will not be left behind by allowing us to be the leaders of our own faction. “The most ambitious game in the series”, we write in our impressions.

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