Wednesday, June 29

Castle Morihisa, deck building on PC and Switch • Console and Board

Castle Morihisa It will be ready in early 2022, both on PC and Nintendo Switch. This is confirmed by Thermite Games, its responsible studio. Accompany the announcement with a presentation trailer.


Dungeons and deck building come together, once again, in a new game. With the strategy by flag, we will see each other in combat, controlling the power of the fallen heroes.

We will move to a fantasy world, in the shoes of a spy. Thus, we will head to Morihisa Castle, which, in addition to giving the game its name, holds a mysterious truth. We will have four classes of characters, with their respective decks: monk, samurai, onmyoji and ninja.

In total, they make up more than 300 cards, with which to challenge monsters typical of Japanese folklore. The monk is an expert in meditation, while the samurai is considered a killing machine. The onmyoji enlists the help of beings to eradicate evil and the ninja is a master of the shadows.

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