Friday, July 1

Bravely Default 2 exceeds one million units sold on PC and Switch

Bravely Default II has exceeded one million copies sold both in physical and digital format since their original launch in February 2021, when they are released exclusively for Nintendo Switch, and to which they were added in September the digital units of their PC version that were put on sale on Steam .

Square Enix itself has been the one that has announced the sales record through the official account of the saga Bravely Default on Twitter, where they have also shared a new illustration in commemoration of this milestone. In addition, to celebrate this figure with the fans, the company has announced that during the next few days there will be a 30% discount for the two digital versions of Bravely Default II.

Habr Bravely Default 3?

Perhaps these good data encourage Square Enix to continue betting on this franchise, although the truth is that the company has already made clear its plans to continue with Bravely Default; no confirmed yet third installment officially, but its producer trusts in being able to carry it out although he believes that it will take another three or four years of development.

Bravely Default II is a fantastic classic cut JRPG that we have loved for its spectacular combat system, its wonderful class system and its challenging and exciting bosses. As an adventure it suffers from some problems that prevent it from rubbing shoulders with the sacred cows of the genre, but the feeling that we have left when we reach their true credits and culminate our trip has been more than satisfactory. And that, in the end, is what ends up counting “, we told you in our analysis.

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