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82% of women are victims of harassment and other toxic attitudes while playing, according to survey | Levelup

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For decades, video games were seen as an exclusive product for men. Although it is a reality that the majority public is made up of people of the male sex, it is undeniable that more and more women are enjoying this wonderful means of entertainment. Sadly, female gamers must deal with a plethora of negative attitudes while interacting with other users.

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According to a poll conducted to 1,000 female gamers in the United States, the vast majority of women experience harassment, doxxing and other toxic behaviors while playing online simply because they are female. For this reason, more than half of the respondents stated that they tend to hide their gender in their online sessions.

Specifically, 82% of female gamers who participated in the survey of Frontier made it known that they have experienced some negative treatment while playing because of their gender. According to the data, 51% of those surveyed said they suffered verbal abuse at some point, 43% were belittled, 42% were victims of harassment, 40% received romantic or sexual comments without their consent, 33% were harassed and 21% assured that their personal information was leaked (doxxing).

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Unfortunately, the general consensus of those surveyed is that such unpleasant practices are becoming more and more frequent. Given this, 43% stated that they hide their gender “often” or “very often” during their online sessions, while another 33% confessed that they do so only on some occasions.

What are the most inclusive and friendly games for women?

Despite the notable negativity and toxicity present in online games, 3 out of 4 women said that gaming culture has become more inclusive since they started playing. Likewise, 52% of those surveyed affirm that video games are very important in their social life.

On the other hand, 74% of women reported that games have a positive impact on the quality of their lives, while 22% said they do not experience any positive or negative impact. Only 5% said that playing brought them any negative consequences.

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Now, what are the most friendly video games and communities for female gamers? According to the respondents, Animal Crossing, PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS, Roblox, Minecraft Y Among Us they are caring, inclusive and positive experiences for women. But nevertheless, Grand Theft Online, CoD: Warzone, CoD: Modern Warfare Y World of Warcraft they occupy the last places of the classification.

Image via Frontier
Image via Frontier

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