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Turbo Town and Knockout! They arrive at Verkami

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Omen Games and Eclipse Editorial jointly launch Turbo Town and Knockout! two titles designed by Daniel Gálvez that seek the necessary financing to become a reality at Verkami.

Turbo Town and Knockout! They are two card games, aimed at a family audience, with fast-paced games and frenetic action. Eclipse Editorial jointly launches a campaign to finance the second edition of Knockout! and the new Turbo Town.

Turbo Town

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This is a game designed for 2 to 5 players, with a recommended age from 8 years and with games lasting approximately half an hour.

The city of Turbo Town is always on the move and its inhabitants only go to the fastest workshop.

Will you manage to prevail over the competition? Compete in a fierce fight to repair vehicles before your rivals.

In Turbo Town each player takes the role of a mechanic with the aim of repairing the cars on his objective card as quickly as possible.

The game takes place during a series of turns where the players roll the 6 dice to try to repair any of the damaged vehicles in the center of the table, as long as it is not blocked by an elevator. If you choose to repair a vehicle and can do it with the result of our roll or our mechanic’s specialty, we place their card in our play area and add a new car to the line of damaged vehicles immediately. The dice used are retired and cannot be used to repair other vehicles or re-roll.

In the case of not having the desired symbols, you can reroll the dice up to 2 more times to try to obtain the symbols you need. It is possible to repair more than one vehicle per shift, if we get the necessary results. You can also reserve dice, keeping their result and not rolling them again, but that result is kept for your entire turn.

If an error symbol appears on one of the dice, you must add an elevator card under one of the damaged vehicles arranged on the table. This vehicle cannot be repaired, so choose wisely! The die with the error symbol is blocked and you cannot roll it again this turn, although you can use the rest as normal.

At the end of the game, victory points are counted, and the one with the highest score will be the fastest mechanic in Turbo Town.

Knock out!

A game designed for 1 to 6 players, with a recommended age from 8 years, with quick games lasting approximately 20 minutes.

The public fills the stands, The spotlights are pointing at you while the crowd roars when your name sounds on the PA system… Will you live up to your fame? Will you be the King of the ring today?

Knock out! is a game of combos where players take the role of fighters in search of fame and fortune. On your turn, you should try to create as many combos as you have with the attack cards you have in hand.

Knockout game!

You can also use as many event, item, intervention, and equipment cards as you like. But it is not always necessary to use all your cards, you may be more interested in saving some to use on your next turn. At the end of your turn, you can discard up to 2 cards from your hand and then draw until you have 7 again.

The player who manages to reduce the life points of his rivals to zero and remains standing in the ring will be proclaimed the winner of the game.

A look at the Turbo Town and Knockout campaign! in Verkami

The Verkami campaign for Turbo Town and Knockout! It will last for 40 days and will be active until January 29. Patrons can get a copy of both games for a contribution of 29 euros, they can also get either of the two for 15 euros each.

The publisher plans that, should the campaign be successful, both games will reach patrons in June 2022.

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