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Turbo Town and Knockout! campaign begins in Verkami • Console and Dashboard

Joint financing search campaigns are becoming more and more frequent. Eclipse Editorial and Omen Games turn to Verkami to give life to Turbo Town already Knock out! They need 2,900 euros to get to the tables.


Fruit of the collaboration between Eclipse Editorial and Omen Games, this campaign will serve to give life to Turbo Town already a second edition of Knock out! Both will be a reality in June 2022 if they reach the goal set. They come in a small box.

Speed ​​in Turbo Town

Turbo Town He proposes us to be the fastest mechanic in the whole area. The action transports us to a city known for its illegal races. Its inhabitants are impertinent drivers, who want their vehicle to be fixed as soon as possible. The victory will be for whoever chooses the best customers and repairs the vehicles before the rivals.

We will have a special ability to take advantage of to facilitate the task. This combination of cards and dice proposes us to assign results to the vehicles to be repaired, arranged in the center of the table.

The competition will be enjoyed between 2 and 6 players, from 8 years old, with a duration of 30 minutes. It can be purchased for 15 euros during the campaign, in a reward that consists of the game, the unlocked extras and the shipping costs to Spain.

Knockout !, the power of combos

Talking about Knock out!, we are facing a card game of 1 to 6 participants, indicated from 8 years. In 30-minute matches, we will do everything possible to be the king of the ring, with the combos as allies.

We will have four classes of fighters, with their own abilities, as well as equipment and events. The pros are adept at punches, while the acrobats create visual spectacles with their pirouettes. Nobody wins by crushing the heavy hitters. Finally, the strays resort to treacherous attacks by throwing objects.

In this way, we can take advantage of the furniture or equip the fighter. There are three different modalities, with their objectives: to reduce the life of the opponents to zero or to reach a certain number of points. Its price during the campaign is 15 euros, including unlocked extras and shipping costs to Spain.

Patrons will get unique aspects for the characters of the two games. The joint price of both boxes is 29 euros, including the unlocked extras and expenses to Spain. They are signed by Daniel Gálvez, with Dave Navarro in charge of the illustrations.

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