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Torchlight will follow in the footsteps of Diablo and will have a new mobile game | Levelup

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The franchise Torchlight recently regained its relevance thanks to the premiere of an installment that was originally known as Torchlight Frontier and that later became Torchlight III. The saga wants to follow its main competitors in the genre, so it is already preparing to make the leap to mobile devices.

This will be possible thanks to Torchlight: Infinite, a new project that is in the hands of XD Entertainment, an independent developer specialized in games and ports for devices such as smartphones and tablets.

There is good news for fans of the saga, because Torchlight: Infinite will recover part of the atmosphere of Torchlight II And there will be a way to test it before its release thanks to a closed beta.

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Torchlight: Infinite will bring the ARPG franchise to mobiles

XD Entertainment and Perfect World Entertainment will leverage the ARPG series to give players an adventure they can play anywhere. For now we know that Torchlight: Infinite It will retain the action and dungeon exploration mechanics that have characterized the series.

On the other hand, it was revealed that this new installment will be set 200 years after Torchlight II. So his story will be related to the use of Ember and the subsequent corruption of the world. Thus, a group of heroes will come to the rescue.

The title will offer various playable characters, each with different abilities and strengths. There will be a progression system to learn new powers both active and passive. Each warrior will have 3 skill trees, so it will be possible to customize our combat style.

The studios prepare various types of dungeons filled with creatures, bosses, and other types of threats. Torchlight: Infinite It does not have a release date yet, but a closed Beta has been confirmed, whose registrations are already open in this link. A free-to-play launch with an integrated purchasing system is expected.

“We design Infinite to encapsulate and elevate all the cool things we love about ARPGs, which is why we also called the game ‘Infinite’, we will create new stories in the universe Torchlight with a high degree of freedom when it comes to character building and dungeon exploration, ”the studios commented. Below you can see a trailer for the project.

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Torchlight: Infinite is in development for mobile devices. In this link you will find more news about the saga.

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