Monday, June 27

Torchlight Infinite: The Action RPG Goes Mobile and Announces Closed Beta

Torchlight, the overhead perspective action RPG saga inspired by the series Diablo from Blizzard Entertainment is back, but this time with a delivery for mobile devices. Android and iPhone mobiles, and other devices not announced yet. Is about Torchlight: Infinite, a title from Shanghainese publisher and developer XD Entertainment.

Announced in the middle of the year at the Asian TapTap event, it was not until now that more details have been released. The participation of the creators of the intellectual property, Runic Games, nor the developers of the warmly received has not been confirmed Torchlight 3, Echtra Inc., which were acquired by Zynga. The title also has nothing to do with the Torchlight Mobile launched in 2015 and shut down its servers just two years later.

Torchlight: Infinite does not have a specific release date, but the developers have opened the sign up for closed beta for mobiles through the official website. On their YouTube channel they have published a brief gameplay where three of the heroes appear (each with their own talents and abilities) that will be in the game.

The story of Torchlight: Infinite will take place 200 years later of the events narrated in Torchlight ii: mankind has trusted him Human to power the machines and magic, but the material is beginning to corrupt the earth. That’s where the hroes de Torchlight, who will travel the world to defeat the corrupted diabolical forces. Under this paragraph you can see the cinematic thriller presentation you have published IGN.

Lots of customization and skills without cooldown

The creators of the title promise a lot of customization in the construction of the characters, predefined heroes (more gradually added) with their own attacks, stats, and skill trees. Every hero will have three skill trees with eight active skills and three passive skills. Skills can be customized with support skills to give them unique properties.

Once in the game, from XD Entertainment they say that the powers will not have time to wait and that the dungeons are randomly generated, as well as the equipment statistics, so there will be “loot Unlimited “and therefore a lot of replayability. More details will be released in the coming weeks.

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