Monday, December 5

This DOOM mod encourages us to ‘steal’ the famous monkey NFTs with a camera

A new mod from DOOM II lead players to face a new threat. This time they are not demons or other creatures of the underworld, but the monkeys of Bored Ape Yatch Club that have become a symbol of the NFT. Embodying the Doomguy, players advance camera in hand taking pictures of the monkeys, and with each shot a number of millions of dollars appears.

The parody of NFTs created by mud Ultra.Boi is published in ModDB last December 15th. It’s about a mod simple, but effective in its message: critiquing the Bored Ape Yatch Club monkeys, a collection of 10,000 procedurally generated monkey drawings converted into NFT that have reached a minimum price of 52 ether in the speculative market, the equivalent of 186.118 euros.

In NFT Doom, which is what the name is mod, The objective is “take screenshots while you can”, according to the description of ModDB. The idea revolves around the discussed fact that a JPG image can have value when anyone can save it to their device or take a screenshot.

Armed with a camera, you will have to dodge bananas the monkeys throw and photograph them, at which point ridiculously high amounts of dollars appear on their heads. To date, the Bored Ape Yath Club which has sold for a larger price has reached US $ 2.9 million.

NFTs in video games

The introduction of NFTs in video games, or simply the promise to do so, has been answered by gamers. Stalker 2 launched an NFT proposal consisting of represent the buyer of the NFT in the game as a non-player character. Barely two days later they retracted the complaints. Ubisoft launched his first NFTs, Quartz, for Ghost Recon Breakpoint After a few days, he hid the YouTube ad due to the large number of “dislikes” and negative comments, which also come from the company’s own employees.

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