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This 62-year-old granny succeeds on Twitch while playing League of Legends | Levelup

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For many years, video games were seen as an exclusive entertainment product for children. While it is true that the largest audience is made up of young people, it is undeniable that more and more adults and the elderly are enjoying a good gaming session. As proof of the above we have the case of a new rising Twitch star.

Specifically, Anabel Ávila, better known on social networks as La Abuela Vengadora, is a 62-year-old gamer and streamer who recently began to gain a lot of popularity on Twitch and the internet thanks to her live broadcasts of League of Legends, where she is not afraid to face players younger than her.

Vengeful Grandma shows off her skills in League of Legends

According to the newspaper The country, Anabel Ávila is a businesswoman who, unfortunately, had to close her manicure business just when the health emergency caused by COVID-19 began to hit every country in the world with force. Fortunately, he found an emotional refuge in his passion for video games and, later, financial support.

This woman from Madrid, Spain wanted to express her liking for the popular Riot Games MOBA with others, so she created a Twitch channel in March 2020. Since then, she has been streaming and playing approximately 6 hours a day from Monday to Friday. Friday, which is why he has already amassed a large fan base on the Amazon platform.

As of this writing, La Abuela Vengadora already has 35,135 followers and nearly 180 subscribers on Twitch. Although they are figures that are below the great exponents of the medium, it is undeniable that their popularity is increasing at a very good rate and they are already earning close to € 300 EUR per month.

“My dream would be to be able to make a living from it; what in addition to helping me psychologically, help me financially ”, commented the content creator.

Vengeful Grandma said the first time she played League of Legends It was 9 years ago following her last divorce. It was his eldest son who introduced him to the game and invited him to play. At first he did not accept the invitation, believing that he would not like it. Luckily, he would give it a try later and, apparently, it has already become one of his favorite video games.

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It is worth noting that Anabel Ávila is no stranger to the world of gaming, since she has been playing for many years. She commented that in her youth she had more interest in going to arcade rooms than to a disco. Likewise, he remembered with a laugh that on his honeymoon he spent half the trip playing Space Invaders in a little machine that was in his hotel.

Finally, the content creator affirms that, despite having an occasional discussion with a troll, the community of League of Legends He is very kind to her and they do not discriminate against her because of her age or sex.

“For me, streaming is helping me as a person to be more open, to have less shame. And to have fun, which in the end is what it is all about ”, concluded Anabel Ávila.

But tell us, did you know this content creator? Are you his follower? Let us read you in the comments.

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