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They confirm that Cruis’n Blast will have online multiplayer and extra content | Levelup

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We recently informed you that Raw Thrills boss Eugene Jarvis mentioned that he would love to see the trilogy of Cruis’n (Released on N64) on Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack. Now, the developer confirmed that Cruis’n Blast you will receive online multiplayer and more downloadable content.

Cruis’n Blast It is the latest installment in the classic arcade racing saga to be released on Nintendo Switch. This game offers you 30 crazy tracks and 23 vehicles, which range from sports models to unicorns.

The latest installment of the saga will receive online options

One of the points that the community did not like very much is that the game only offered a local multiplayer mode, something that will change in the future according to the words of those responsible.

The statement was made during a Reddit Ask Me Anything about the Nintendo Switch, where Eugene Jarvis was asked about the next plans for Raw Thrills, who assured that Cruis’n Blast you will receive an online multiplayer mode.

“Online multiplayer is our next goal for Cruis’n / Switch! When we launch our online multiplayer mode, we will definitely be looking to bring more content, “said Jarvis.

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As mentioned by the creator of the franchise, and in addition to the online options, the game will receive more content that will undoubtedly keep it alive for a long time.

If you have not yet tried the title or have not been encouraged to buy it, we inform you that currently Cruis’n Blast It has a 50% discount in the Switch eShop and you can get it for $399.50 MXN.

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