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The sex life of college girls: the 10 funniest quotes

The main characters in HBO Max’s The Sex Lives Of College Girls each have their own sense of humor, and there are plenty of funny lines.

While there is something related to every episode of season 1 of The sex life of college girls, the HBO show Max also offers a humorous look at getting used to the first year. Kimberly, Leighton, Bela and Whitney want to succeed at Essex College, and there are many moments where they make fans laugh, whether they are trying to be funny or not.

From Kimberly not even trying to be funny to Bela chatting about her clever writing ideas, The sex life of college girls It has lots of funny lines that show that these characters are trying their best to adjust to life in college.

10 Kimberly talking about Leighton and social media

“She made it very clear that she does not follow me on social networks”

The nicest College Girls Sex Lives The characters are hilarious, and while Kimberly might have some learning and growth to do in season 1, she does pull off some hilarious pranks throughout these 10 episodes.

When Kimberly is excited to have posted a video of her in a dress and Nico commented, Whitney asks if Leighton saw it, and Kimberly admits that Leighton doesn’t follow her. For most of season 1, Leighton acts much cooler than her roommates and they accept that she will eventually recover, and she definitely moves when she does.

9 Whitney insulta a Leighton

“You look like the perfume lady in Bloomingdales.”

Whitney and Leighton have different thoughts and feelings about going to a sorority meeting. While Leighton dreams of being accepted, Whitney isn’t so sure this is the right place for her. This story allows viewers to see that while Leighton is desperate to fit in and feel accepted, Whitney is comfortable being herself.

When Whitney tells Leighton that she doesn’t like her fancy outfit, she feels very funny for her, and Leighton responds, “That’s the worst thing you could have said to me.”

8 Kimberly tells Bela she’s funny

“You are the funniest person I know. It’s like living with Bugs Bunny. “

Part of the fun of looking The sex life of college girls is to see how the four main characters relate to each other more and more as they connect.

While this quote seems a bit insulting and strange, and no one would want to be compared to Bugs Bunny, Bela can tell that Kimberly means well and is trying to help her feel better at a time when she is insecure and worried. What makes this quote stand out so much is Bela’s response: she says, “I know you mean that as a compliment, so thank you.”

7 Leighton speaking with the Essex College counselor

“I know, you seem like a great joy.”

Leighton is not the smartest College Girls Sex Lives character, at least not at the beginning of season 1. She relies on the fact that her family has money too often and thinks she can buy out of anything.

In this fun exchange, Leighton complains to an Essex College counselor that her former best friends from high school don’t want to live with her. She says she’s surprised they asked to be left without her, and the counselor has the perfect dry, sarcastic comment ready about Leighton who seems like a lovely and happy person. This is a great joke and luckily Leighton proves to be a much nicer person.

6 Lila tells a client that she can’t help him

“Excuse me, we are chatting here.”

While Lila isn’t so sure about Kimberly at first, they become friends when Lila shares that she’s been sleeping with Nico and that she really likes him.

With this memorable phrase, Lila tells a client that she can’t help them because she’s gossiping and chatting, which is definitely not what they want to hear. This quote takes home how Lila and Kimberly support each other and want only the best for each other and always want to talk about the ups and downs of Kimberly’s love life.

5 Bela talks about a writing idea

“I’ve been working on this piece where Billie Eilish raps a warranty page from a printer manual.”

Fans love Bela’s strong and compassionate character, and it’s fascinating to hear her ideas for writing.

When Bela shares the piece she wants to write for El Catullan, his idea is funny and clever. This is definitely a story that people would want to hear as it is a new and unique concept. Through this quote, Bela shows viewers that she is determined to succeed in the world of comedy writing, and that everyone agrees.

4 Leighton’s response when Bela offers him a donut

“I don’t eat for pleasure”

What works so well with the unique characters in The sex life of college girls is that everyone has their own sense of humor.

In a sweet scene, Bela and Leighton start bonding as they walk through their college town, and Bela offers Leighton some of her amazing donut. Leighton might just say no, or that she’s not hungry, but she has a great response that allows fans to learn more about her. From this funny but also sad line, viewers realize that Leighton’s high school me was all about being cool and popular, and that she will be going on a new journey this year.

3 Kimberly goes shopping

“This looks like something Shania Twain would wear.”

Kimberly is in awe of many things at Essex College, especially the opportunity to wear fancy clothes. Kimberly’s sense of style is charming, as she still feels very young and associates sparkle and sparkle with dressing up.

When Kimberly goes shopping, she compares the dress she is holding to a Shania Twain suit, and this is the perfect thing for her to say. It shows viewers that you’re trying your best to look cool and sophisticated, but you’re out of your element and still not comfortable in your own skin.

2 Bela asks what lies have been told to her parents

“Before our families get here, I think we should all quickly share the lies we have told them that we would like each other to corroborate.”

Of all the ways that The sex life of college girls get college right, Bela’s plot is the best. She has a hard time telling her mom and dad that she is not majoring in science as they thought and that she wants to be a comedy writer.

While Bela’s story arc is realistic and sometimes sad, it makes everyone in the dorm gathering very happy when she asks if they’ve lied to their parents. The scene becomes even more memorable when Leighton responds that he told his father that he had been shopping for textbooks at Net-a-Porter.

1 Kimberly talking to her new coworkers

“I’m sure we’ll have fun with a ‘latte’.”

Kimberly is one of those people who is funny without wanting to be at all, and when she talks to her new co-workers at Sips Cafe, she pulls a horrible joke.

Right away, Canaan and Lila wish she didn’t play silly puns or try to do something funny when she’s not, which makes Kimberly even more fun. Fortunately, at the end of season 1, Kimberly teams up with her co-workers and they start caring for and supporting each other.

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