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The Monster Krampus Comes to CoD: Warzone and Players Already Hate It | Levelup

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Call of Duty: Warzone Y Call of Duty: Vanguard They are constantly evolving and each week they receive new content to keep the interest of the players. In this way, a few days ago a new Christmas event arrived that, among many other things, introduced a character who has already managed to cause the fury of the community.

Specifically, the Festive Fervor event, which debuted on December 16, brought Krampus to the battlefield. We can classify this terrifying European demon as the evil counterpart of Santa Claus, who is in charge of punishing naughty children. On paper, his addition to Activision video games is more than adequate, but it seems that players are not happy with his participation in the games.

Krampus is a nightmare for Call of Duty players

In the case of the multiplayer section of Call of Duty: Vanguard, Krampus hunts down players who don’t contribute points to their team. This encourages all participants to meet the objectives to win the game, although that does not exempt them from being a victim of the beast.

However, the Christmas Demon’s involvement in the Battle Royale is different. There, he seems to attack any random player, this regardless of whether he performs well. If we consider that the number of lives is very limited, users are not happy that their games are suddenly ruined by a random event.

Through a reddit post, a player expressed his disgust for Krampus and asked to be removed from the game. Naturally, hundreds of users expressed their support for the petition and lashed out at the developers for including such an annoying element in the games of CoD: Warzone.

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In the face of backlash from the community, Raven Software has already announced that the demon of European folklore received a nerf. In this way, he will now have less life and will no longer appear after the fourth circle. Hopefully, these mods will make encounters with Krampus less annoying, and consequently fun.

But tell us, do you think Krampus ruins the gaming experience? Let us read you in the comments.

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