Thursday, May 26

The Game Awards 2021 again broke audience records: 85 million viewers

The Game Awards 2021 has been the edition ms view of the gala to date, continuing the record-breaking streak of views that the event produced and hosted by Geoff Keighley has established year after year. The event was viewed by 85 million viewers, an increase of 2% compared to last year’s edition, which had 83 million people around the world attentive to the announcements of new games and the awards ceremonies.

It was Keighley himself who shared the data through his personal Twitter account. The figure takes into account all platforms international broadcasts in which it was broadcast live (YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, Facebook Live, Steam, Oculus Venues, IGN, GameSpot, TikTok Live and Trovo), in addition to itselfservices exclusive to certain countries (China, India, South Korea, Japan, Russia, Southeast Asia, Brazil, Germany and Taiwan) and the broadcasts with co-streamers officials from more than 14 countries, including Spain.

The announcement of the audience record does not come alone. The Game Awards 2021 has also been the Most commented edition on Twitter (1.6 million related messages were published on the social network) and the one that longest viewing time on YouTube (to date, 1.75 million hours). In addition, they have registered 23.2 million public votes (In addition to the specific categories for fans, in all awards the public vote counts 10% and 90% that of the participating media).

Stagnant growth

The 2021 edition of The Game Awards, despite growth, appears to have stagnant compared to previous editions, which in the worst case almost doubled its number of viewers. The first gala, The Game Awards 2014, had 1.9 million viewers. The following year it increased to 2.3 million, and in 2016 it reached 3.8 million. From then on, the growth was exponential: 11.5 million (2017), 26.2 million (2018), 45.2 million (2019) and 83 million (2020).

At The Game Awards 2021, games like Alan Wake 2, Star Wars Eclipse Y Wonder Woman. In addition, it was shown gameplay of titles as expected as Hellblade 2, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Y A Plague Tale: Requiem. He took the Game of the Year statuette It Takes Two.

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