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Suikoden returns, but as a character for Super Bomberman R Online | Levelup

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Konami spawned many video game franchises in its heyday in this industry, many of which are dormant. Suikoden is one of them, but thanks to a game from a sister franchise it will return, although not in the way that fans expected.

We are talking about Super Bomberman R Online, whose Season 3 has just begun. One of the great novelties of this season is that it brings with it a new character, which is inspired by Suikoden, precisely in Riou, a recurring character in the franchise and the hero of Suidoken II.

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Riou in character form from Bomberman It is officially called within the game Suikoden 2 Hero Bomber and has the special ability Twin Fang, which removes other characters and bombs that are close to him. You can find it in the character menu within the title store.

“A Bomberman leading the new City States Army fighting Higland on Planet Dunant. The 27 True Runes in his right hand contain the Bright Shield Rune. Adopted by Genkaku, he was raised alongside his brave foster sister, Nanami, and his kind friend Jowy. His quiet life changed suddenly when he was the victim of an evil plan of the mad prince Luca, of the enemy country- Through countless encounters and goodbyes, he overcame a life of adversity with 107 allies to become the hero that it is now, “reads the character’s official description.

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Here’s what Riou looks like in Super Bomberman R Online (Image: Konami)

Super Bomberman R Online will offer more content from Suikoden

That does not end there, because Konami will also carry more content from Suikoden to the most recent title of Bomberman Through the Passes, both the gold (paid) and the silver (free).

Players will be able to earn accessories, outfits, icons, emotes, and Bomber Coins as they progress through the new season. However, you must take into account that Koami refers that the content of Suikoden will be available through the Gold Pass.

Here are some Suikoden rewards from the new season (via Konami)
Here are some Suikoden rewards from the new season (via Konami)

Additionally, the Mighty Fest Event Battle is now available, a game mode in which players will start with the amount and power of bombs to the maximum, so it will be chaotic mode.

If you are a fan of Suikoden And you would like the franchise to return with a new game, we have bad news for you, because Konami has no plans to bring it back. However, you should know that its creator is developing a new game called Eiyuden Chronicle, an RPG title that is shaping up to be the spiritual successor to the Konami series. The project caused a great impact and became one of the video games with the best funding campaign on Kickstarter.

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What do you think of the collaboration between Bomberman Y Suikoden? Tell us in the comments.

Super Bomberman R Online is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch, and PC. You can find more news related to this franchise if you visit this page.

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