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Square Enix renews the license of Gex, the platforms of the 90

Square Enix has renewed the brand Gex, the saga of platform games starring a gechnid reptile that Crystal Dynamics developed in the late 1990s. The Japanese publisher has recorded the intellectual property at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) on December 15, as reported Gematsu.

At the moment the objective is unknown with which they have renewed the brand, which has not been used since the early 2000s. The first installment was a two-dimensional platformsHe from Crystal Dynamics (it was their fourth game, when they were not yet the recognized studio they are today) well received by critics and the public that it was released in 1995 for 3DO and the following year for PlayStation, Saturn and PC.

In those years the explosion of three-dimensional platforms, so the next two deliveries, Gex: Enter the Gecko (1998; Game Boy Color, Nintendo 64, PC and Game Boy Color) and Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko (1999; PlayStation, Nintendo 64 and Game Boy Color) opted for 3D platforms, except for the Game Boy versions.

The second and third part were less well received than the first installment. In total, the saga sold more than 15 million units. In addition, Gex’s popularity led to the character being in Everybody’s Golf 2 and in Mad Dash Racing, Crystal Dynamics’ arcade driving game for the first Xbox.

Square Enix has not commented on the patent registration, so we do not know if the motivation behind it is in a reissue of the games, in a simple registration so as not to lose ownership intellectual or in a new game. Crystal Dynamics at the moment it is providing content to Marvel’s Avengers and collaborating with Xbox Game Studios and The Initiative in the development of Perfect Dark.

Square allowed studios indie use the brand Gex

En 2015, Square Enix puso available to independent studies the brand Gex (beside Fear Effect Y Anachronox) as part of the The Collective initiative, a Square Enix campaign that helps studios seeking crowdfunding. From there games like Fear Effect Sedna, Forgotton Anne Y Black The Fall.

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