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Scream 2022 theory: Dewey is the new Ghostface

Could Scream 2022 see David Arquette’s Dewey Riley as Ghostface’s new killer? A popular theory suggests that it does, and it would fit the franchise.

The Scream The franchise comes to life with a fifth film that will reunite the three original leads of the franchise and a new generation of characters, who will be terrorized by a new Ghostface killer, and fans theorize that this time, the one behind him. The mask will be none other than Dewey. The 1990s is not a decade fondly remembered by horror fans as it saw a decline in quality after all the great horror movies the 1980s brought, but it also had some great movies, among those of Wes Craven. Scream. Launched in 1996, Scream was a critical and financial success and is credited with revitalizing the slasher genre in the 1990s.

Scream He stood out for his self-referential approach to terror and his satirization of the clichés of the genre, also mixing terror with black comedy and mystery. Scream spawned a franchise consisting of four movies (all directed by Wes Craven) and a television series, and introduced audiences to the three survivors of each of Ghostface’s murder spree: Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell), Gale Weathers (Courteney Cox), and Dewey Riley (David Arquette). All three have appeared in all Scream movies so far and will return in the fifth movie (titled simply Scream), giving way to a variety of theories about what will happen to them in this new movie.

Scream 2022 will take viewers back to Woodsboro, where a new assassin has taken on the role of Ghostface and is targeting a new group of people. The first trailer of Scream revealed that the new Ghostface is going after people linked to previous killers, and also saw Dewey calling Sidney to tell her about the new killings, prompting her to return to Woodsboro. Naturally, there are already many theories as to who the new Ghostface killer is and what will happen to Sidney, Gale, and Dewey, and one brings these two sides together to suggest that Dewey will be Ghostface’s killer this time.

Dewey’s role in the Scream franchise

Dwight “Dewey” Riley appeared at the first Scream film as Woodsboro’s deputy sheriff and brother of Tatum Riley (Rose McGowan), Sidney’s friend. Given his position as a deputy sheriff, Dewey closely followed the Ghostface murder cases and was naive enough to allow Gale, a ruthless reporter, to convince him to investigate together, but it was all to his advantage. Dewey nearly died in the first Scream movie, as he was stabbed in the back while investigating. David Arquette’s performance was silly at times, making Dewey something of a comedic relief, but not quite, and he came back on the scene. Scream 2.

Dewey continued to care for Sidney in Scream 2But he was also dealing with the physical consequences of his encounter with Ghostface, as the stabbing caused nerve damage and he was left with a limp and a weakened arm. Dewey was stabbed once more by Ghostface and survived, allowing him to return in Cry 3. The third movie saw Dewey seemingly setting aside his police officer duties to serve as a technical advisor on the set of Stab 3, although he was actually investigating the emergence of a new Ghostface killer. Dewey was not stabbed this time and instead gave the fatal shot to the head of Roman Bridger, the one behind Ghostface’s mask, and right at the end, he proposed to Gale. The last time viewers saw Dewey he was in Cry 4, where it was revealed that he was the Sheriff of Woodsboro and that he had recovered from his past injuries. Once again, he investigated the new wave of Ghostface killings. Dewey wasn’t stabbed this time either, but Jill knocked him out with a urinal in the final act of the film.

Dewey, then, is one of the most loyal people in Sidney’s life and there couldn’t be a fifth Scream movie with Sidney but without Dewey, but the first trailer shows a very different Dewey, one who has been through enough in all aspects of his life, and could be reaching a boiling point that forces him to take up the mantle of Ghostface this time.

Why Dewey Could Be Ghostface’s New Killer

While Dewey has been the lovable but clumsy character of the Scream saga, fans have found him quite suspicious throughout the movies, even theorizing that he could have been the third (or second, in Cry 3Sidney’s case), and even the first movie had a silly scene where he held the Ghostface mask in front of Sidney as she opened the door, which some have interpreted as hinting at his true role in the movie. On top of that, Dewey, as popular as he has been with audiences over the years, has always been the underdog (as mentioned above, he came close to dying in almost every movie), and while Sidney has always been the one. main goal. Of the Ghostface killers, Dewey has also been deeply and personally affected by the murders; let’s not forget that Billy or Stu killed Tatum in Scream.

Dewey also seems to be in a very dark place in Scream 2022, living in what appears to be a trailer, he no longer appears to be the Sheriff of Woodsboro or to be with Gale, and generally looks in very bad shape, far from the Dewey seen in the previous one. Scream films. Some have pointed out that Dewey’s glory days are tied to the many Woodsboro murders, so he could be going through a very twisted phase of nostalgia that leads him to take on the Ghostface mask and start a new killing spree. Dewey could also be blaming the murderers of Ghostface’s past for his life in a downward spiral, with Sidney going back and forth from Woodsboro and Gale also going a different path that didn’t include him, but the new Ghostface murders mean that Sidney and Gale would. They have to be brought back to Woodsboro and to him.

Others believe that all those years of trauma will affect Dewey, leading him to take up the mantle of Ghostface after going through a mental breakdown, and the reason why he goes after people related to past killers (and victims and survivors). also, like there). There are two characters whose last name is Meeks, like Randy from Jamie Kennedy, and a Hicks, like Judy from Marley Shelton) has to do with revenge. Dewey has become that character that few expected would survive each movie and also the one that seemed a bit suspicious, and all of this may finally pay off in Scream 2022 by making him the new Ghostface killer.

Dewey Being Ghostface adapts to the style of the Scream franchise

As mentioned above, the Scream The franchise has stood out for the way it satirized and referenced horror cliches, and the sequels even targeted the cliches that come with its individual place in the saga: Scream 2 criticized the sequels, Cry 3 those of film trilogies, and Cry 4 addressed the clichés of remakes, the use of social media and the obsession with internet fame. Now, Scream 2022 comes at a time when the film industry, and especially the horror genre, is going through remakes and reboots, so heavily reliant on nostalgia. Most of these have been criticized for retelling the story of the first movie, having characters tied to those of the movie that started it all, and taking audiences back to the places that defined the first movie, which is what Scream 2022 is doing it with the Meeks and the Hicks and returning to Stu’s house, as seen in the trailer.

With that in mind, Dewey being the new Ghostface would fit the reboot / nostalgia element, as it would turn a known character into the killer, and he is also one very close to Sidney and that no one would suspect, as was the case with Billy. in the first movie and Jill in Cry 4. While some might argue that the scenes in the Scream trailer where Dewey fights Ghostface in a hospital and Gale is shown screaming may debunk the theory, the trailer is said to include scenes to fool the audience, and those could be part of the game. Dewey is Ghostface’s killer in Scream 2022 would be a huge twist for the franchise and it would fit in with all those moments where he acted a little too suspicious and would be a fun (albeit twisted) way to get revenge for all those times he was stabbed and all the emotional pain. the killers of the past brought into his life.

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