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RUMOR: developer exodus is impacting Ubisoft projects | Levelup

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In July this year, an internal analysis carried out at Ubisoft revealed that the French video game company, one of the largest in the industry, was about to lose key talent due to a bad work environment and a lack of in-depth action to improve. conditions and end the problems faced by your workers. Apparently, the managers of Ubisoft insisted on turning a deaf ear to this situation and this has led several employees to leave the company, already affecting the development processes of the games that were planned or underway.

As noted, worker attrition is already a problem at Ubisoft

According to information from Stephen Totilo, a journalist from AxiosUbisoft has been losing talent in the last 18 months and there is already talk of a phenomenon experienced in the company and known as “the Great Exodus”. According to sources who opted for anonymity, the situation that prevails in Ubisoft has been the main reason why some workers decided to leave and where exits such as those of creatives who worked in stand out. Far Cry 6 Y Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, 2 of the most important and recent games of the company.

The sources consulted pointed out that the labor problems that are experienced in Ubisoft have motivated their decision to leave and there are even those who did so after being disappointed when being part of the groups formed for the supposed changes in the work culture and seeing that the idea of ​​Ubisoft it was just forgetting the past and moving on with the development of their most important games.

On the other hand, the departure of Ubisoft workers stands out more at its headquarters in Montreal and Toronto and sources point out that this has caused delays and problems in the development of the games that are being developed in those spaces. Precisely, one of the developers interviewed pointed out that there were details regarding the creative process that were no longer to his liking and although he was happy for many years at the company, what happened in the last year and a half brought that idea down.

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Other companies have taken advantage of the scandal to offer better contracts and working conditions

In the same way, the Ubisoft scandal has been taken advantage of by the booming video game development scene in Canada with studios offering better salaries and working conditions to company creatives who did not hesitate to go to the best offers. In that sense, it is estimated that the attrition rate of Ubisoft workers is 12%, being below that of Activision-Blizzard (16%), but above those of EA, Take-Two and Epic Games.

Unfortunately, one of the sources pointed out that the departure of Ubisoft workers has been mostly women and Afro-descendants, who consider that the company is not a safe workplace.

In this way, the controversy continues around Ubisoft and so far, the company led by Yves Guillemot has not done anything to solve it.

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