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Rommel in the desert, Do It Games rescues the Columbia Games game

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Do It Games has announced the launch of Rommel in the Desert, a wargame designed by Craig Besinque that was published by Columbia Games in 1982. This new edition will include a redesign and improvement of the components, as well as the option of a neoprene board.

Rommel in the desert is a wargame designed for two players, with a recommended age from 12 years and with a duration per game that can range between 90 minutes and three hours, depending on the chosen scenario.

Rommel in the Desert deals with the conflict between the British and the Germans in North Africa during World War II. It is a game of maneuvers, in which each side has to move with precision and know when to attack, since a cut in the supply is a disaster for either side.

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The title uses the Columbia Games block system where, instead of the traditional use of tiles to represent units on the map, the game uses wooden blocks that are kept upright and whose details of the units are only shown in one side of the blocks.

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Rommel in the desert, a war where mobility, securing supplies and dealing with events is vital to survival

The system provides an easy way to produce a “fog of war” as your opponent cannot tell what type of unit a specific piece is and its current strength. Also, by having the blocks standing, we can keep track of the power of a unit by turning the block so that the current force is the highest number.

By using blocks, the publisher adds depth to its games without adding more complexity when calculating troop strengths and thus allows for relatively short and interesting game sessions.

Portada de Rommel in the desert

The game has been designed by Craig Besinque, responsible for various wargames, such as
Triumph & Tragedy: European Balance of Power 1936-1945, Eastfront o Conquest & Consequence, which was not edited in Castellano.

Do It Games is the publisher responsible for the project, the company has also edited other wargames such as Hammer of the Scots, Hands in the Sea or Julius Caesar. He will soon publish Downfall of Empires by Victor Catalá and Command and Colors Napoleonics

The Do It Games edition will include an improvement in all the components, assembled board, redesign of cards, new box format and add as a promotion, some tokens that facilitate its playability. In addition, they will also include the possibility of getting a neoprene mat 30% larger than the game map.

For editing Rommel in the desert The publisher will opt for a variant of GMT Games’ P500 system, dubbed the P180. You can reserve the game in the following link.

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