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Polaroid Now camera, forever images

The model Now de Polaroid It picks up on the simplicity of the first teams, but adds more creative control, an updated design and bold colors to adapt to the new parameters of the market.

It is characterized by a system of 2 lens autofocus which in everyday use translates into sharp photos and easy operation. The Polaroid Now decides which lens is suitable, so it provides optimal portraits in different scenarios and more quickly, even without the flash. It also provides a double exposure system, to be able to obtain two frames in a single photograph. For its part, the timer gives a time, up to 9 seconds, to prepare the best shot.

Camera details

This point-and-shoot analog model makes it easy to capture images on Polaroid film and is available in different color combinations. Its automatic focus achieves sharper photos, and double exposure to get two photos in one. Useful timer for the occasions when you want to prepare the photo.

The new photo counter on screen it keeps the user up to date with the ones he has made. It also reports how much film is left or if the battery is low.


For nostalgic users who long for the kind of photos that were taken years ago, and for those who want to provide an alternative to the ubiquitous effects of digital filters, this is the right camera. He flies back in a second and the photos he takes have a retro feel high level. Taking photos on paper in a few seconds has become its best feature.

Polaroid’s new compact analog instant camera has what it takes to capture special moments in an original photograph. With automatic focus, it is easy to capture images, as they are seen, to always be able to relive them with the optimal level of color.

Get two moments in a single photo with built-in double exposure. The new Accurate Flash puts just the right amount of light on objects.


It is sold in different colors

Focus settings: Auto

Self-timer: Yes

Built-in flash: Yes

Battery: Yes, rechargeable

Number of batteries supported: 1

Battery capacity: 750 mAh

USB port: Yes

Weight: 434g

Height: 94 mm

Depth: 112.2mm

Ancho: 150,2 mm

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The camera is priced at € 99.99. For its part, the special Golden Moments Edition instant film (16 shots with a smooth metallic gold finish) is priced at € 31.99.

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