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Platinum Dunes unmade Halloween reboot featured TWO ways

Platinum Dunes released a Halloween reboot that featured two killer forms, with Michael Myers as part of a team. The twist is explained here.

Platinum dunes Hallowe’en It would have ended with a twist revealing that Haddonfield was stalked by two Forms and that Michael Myers had a partner. The 2000s saw a wave of horror classics remade with mixed results. There were new takes of the historic horror movie J The ring, The Omen Y The Texas Chainsaw Massacre received new coats of paint, as did Dawn of the Dead the 2005 House of Wax.

With almost all the horror classics remade, it was only a matter of time until Hallowe’en received the same treatment. This came in the form of Rob Zombie Hallowe’en 2007, the first half of which covered Michael Myers’ childhood and his time in the asylum before the second part covers his massacre through Haddonfield. Of zombies Hallowe’en It was a huge success, but it was incredibly divisive due to its vicious violence and abrasive tone. Zombie doubted this approach with his follow-up. Halloween II, which some feel is one of the most unique in the series, while others loathe it.

It was 2003 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre that indicated that gold could be mined by remaking the dread favorites. The movie was produced by Platinum Dunes, which made a name for itself with reboots, and was later revived. The hitcher, Friday the 13th and the 2010 criticized by critics Nightmare on Elm Street. Since the last movie, Platinum Dunes has exited the remake game and got behind original concepts such as A peaceful place. Around 2012, Dimension reached out to Platinum Dunes to headline a remake of Hallowe’en. Platinum Dunes ‘ Hallowe’en It would have been a daring new take on the franchise’s story, and it revealed that two Forms were behind the film’s murders.

Screenwriter Scott Milam wrote the treatment for Platinum Dunes’ Hallowe’en, whose synopsis can be found in the making of a book Taking Form II by Travis Mullins and Dustin McNeill. This version of Hallowe’en saw young Michael Myers and his friend Sean Carver kidnapped while trick-or-treating, without anyone ever being seen again. Then the story leapt forward a decade, following Michael Myers’ older brothers, Daniel, who is now a detective, Laurie and Judith; Sean’s sister Rachel also plays an important role. Platinum Dunes’ Hallowe’en would have used the viewer’s knowledge of the series against him while offering very different versions of classic characters. Instead of being Michael’s psychiatrist, for example, Loomis would have been an FBI advisor helping Daniel, while Michael never spent time in a nursing home.

The climax of Platinum Dunes’ Hallowe’en would have seen The Shape stalking and hiding victims on a ferry. What is confusing about this is that he was further also seen killing characters in Haddonfield, and in the final showdown, Loomis shoots him dead after trying to kill Rachel. Daniel is heartbroken, his brother Michael has returned as a murderer, only to find out it was Sean behind the mask. The final scene would have revealed Michael Myers’ version of The Shape about to attack his sister Judith, which was another reversal of the original; Instead of opening up to his disappearance, he dies in the last scene.

Platinum Dunes ‘ Hallowe’en He even taunted his own version of the Man in Black with the mysterious Black River Killer. This character is supposedly the head of a sect that kidnaps and brainwashes young children, and while he never revealed what happened to Michael Myers or Sean Carver that turned them into killers, this would have been covered in the proposed sequels. Platinum Dunes’ Two Way Twist Hallowe’en It certainly would have been controversial, as were several other plot elements. That said, it would have offered up new versions of familiar tropes while also turning Michael Myers into a mysterious character again. Ultimately Platinum Dunes’ Hallowe’en was scrapped, as Dimension wasn’t sure what approach it wanted to take for the franchise at the time.

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