Sunday, June 26

Planet Quiz: Learn & Discover, ready this Christmas • Console and Board

Planet Quiz: Learn & Discover is about to see the light on consoles. On December 24 it will arrive on PS4 and Xbox One, while on the 25th, Christmas Day, it will be released on Nintendo Switch.


Naptime Games brings us an educational quiz game. It will consist of questions related to general culture, specifically cities, animals, architecture, wonders of nature and gastronomy.

In total, we will find 450 questions, divided into three levels of difficulty. As confirmed by its developer studio, we will put our knowledge to the test alone or by challenging our friends. The game modes go through a campaign, a quick game and a tournament, without forgetting the call data Quizpedia.

It is in the campaign mode where we move through chapters, with their questions and curious data. The quick mode allows us to adjust the number of rounds and the time to answer each question. The tournament can be enjoyed by up to 4 people and Quizpedia is a place that condenses short descriptions. The experience will be completed with the DLC Oceans.

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