Saturday, June 25

New World unveils upcoming content and a slowdown in patch rates

New World, the popular PC MMO from Amazon Game Studios, has revealed the contents that are around the corner through free updates, as well as slight changes in the gameplay. In a video of more than an hour and a half where the title’s main developers appear have made changes to the patch cadence to avoid the bugs that have plagued the game since launch.

Among the announced novelties are: Mutations, weekly modifiers of the enemies that appear in the expeditions or dungeons, which will cause effects such as enemies exploding causing area damage or cursing players preventing them from using certain abilities.

They have also announced three weapons: a long-distance musket called Blunderbuss to arrive soon, a great sword that can be used in different positions, and the daggers that still have more development time ahead of them.

Rob Chestney, head of narrative in New World, has explained that the first chapter of the main story will be finalized soon. Among the expected updates are new missions that will add functions as destructible objects and quest chains associated with trading skills. Also, will be added more sanctuaries for fast travel, and those that have not been unlocked will appear on the map.

Rich Lawrence, head of the development team, has announced that there will be less updates with the aim of thoroughly analyzing each patch before launch. Each of those updates will have less news, but the new contents of each will be larger, and in principle, more care to avoid bugs.

“What we’ve been trying to do is balance new features as much as we can with troubleshooting“says Lawrence in the video (goes Game Rant). “And what we’ve found is that we have a speed limit. We’re going too fast, honestly.” Over the past few months, players have complained that the updates that fix a bug cause other problems.

Has lost steam, but is still a success

New World was put up for sale through Steam last September 28. The long-awaited MMO has had a peak of 913,634 players on the Valve platform. In the last 24 hours, the maximum number of simultaneous users has been 116,611 players. Although the phenomenon has declined in popularity, at the time of this writing it is the 10th most played game on Steam according to SteamDB.

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