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‘Moments’ is born, a new social network created by young Catalans

  • The platform, which begins to be operational this Wednesday, begins as a cloud where to share images and will gradually deploy new functionalities

  • The app has become a viral phenomenon on TikTok, it is one of the most downloaded in Spain and expects to close the year with more than a million users

Last August nine young Catalans traveled to Fuerteventura. They could have gone on vacation, sunbathing on the beach, surfing and partying, but they chose to lock themselves in an apartment to design a new one. red social with which they intend to go far. His name is ‘Moments‘and although its official launch is this Wednesday, December 22, the platform it has already become a viral phenomenon.

Just before its launch, ‘Moments’ accumulates thousands of downloads, up to 204,400 people are on the waiting list to start using it and your community on TikTok more than 312,000 followers. But how does it work? The mobile application, available at Android Y Apple, is defined as a “second brain & rdquor; that allows you to “plan, share and store & rdquor; moments, a space in which the user can add images, videos, audios or various texts related to that memory, which can be private as a virtual personal diary or shared with the perspectives of other users. “We do not remember things in a linear way, but through special moments & rdquor ;, he points out Miquel Castany, promoter of the project. Those moments will be the backbone of the platform.

But that is not all. ‘Moments’ will gradually roll out new functions. In its first phase it will serve as cloud where to store data in an optimized way and users will have 15GB of free space. The second, scheduled for February, will allow you to share those photos and videos with others and the third, which will come later, will allow you to collect all these contents in videoblogs diaries that will function as a graphic summary of what happened at that time. “Instead of consuming the ‘stories’ of your friends on Instagram separately, you will see a more complete, elaborate and less ephemeral vision & rdquor ;, explains Castany.

The project has designed up to nine phases with improvements. Although these functionalities are kept as an ace up his sleeve, Castany advances that the business model It will not be with user data or advertising, but through the gamificación of the platform.

Platform under development

Like other digital projects, ‘Moments’ has a roadmap that can vary depending on whether or not it meets its objectives. The team behind this new app it is ambitious: they hope to close the year with more than a million users. “We want to saturate the market first as a tool and then evolve into a social network & rdquor ;, points out Castany, who is also the founder of the advertising and marketing agency. CreatingREM, specialized in content creators.

Their current community is divided between Spain and Latin America, which leads them to want to “move fast & rdquor; in that region, which they see as a “great opportunity”. That is why they are closing a first investment round to finance its growth, although they do not give more details. For now, the application will be available in Catalan, Spanish, English, Basque, Galician and Portuguese.


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Although the founding development of the app is on the Canary Island, the idea of ​​’Moments’ was born on another trip, to Colombia. Miquel gave shape to this idea together with two computer friends, Isaac and David, and later they began to hire a team that already has 10 people. They have recently opened an office in Sant Cugat.

A viral hype campaign

In just over five months, ‘Moments’ has managed to create an important community of followers, feed their interest and set very ambitious goals for a project yet to be born. Much of that expectation is due to a clever communication strategy which are already scheduled until the middle of next year.

At the end of October, Miquel and his team created a profile on TikTok thinking that the algorithm Your social network amplifier and your especially young audience would be catalysts for your message. And they have been. In a few hours, his second video reached 1.3 million views. Without giving too many details, they kick-started their project with small informational capsules that captured hundreds of interested parties.

Another key strategy has been to allow interested parties to download the app and sign up for a list to be the first to create their user account. In just two weeks, more than 15,000 people had signed up for that queue. Announcing that achievement on TikTok has already accumulated 7.7 million views and thousands of comments asking for more details.

Security and privacy

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In his first video, ‘Moments’ said that his intention was to “create the new Facebook& rdquor ;. However, the project seeks to differentiate itself from the social giant with an app much more careful with the Privacy. Thus, explains Castany, users can refuse to have their data tracked and used to develop patterns and improve the functionality of the app. “Imagine that we can assign emotions to the moments, see in which places or with which people you are happiest and implement that in your day to day so that you know yourself better & rdquor ;, he says.

And there is no privacy without security. In recent weeks, ‘Moments’ has been among the ten most downloaded applications in Spain. This has meant that the app has already suffered “multiple attacks & rdquor ;, something common among the most popular ones, which have been neutralized. “Our encryption is bulletproof,” explains Castany.

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