Wednesday, May 18

Miss Alaska, Emma Broyles, crowned Miss America 2022

Miss America 2022 has crowned a winner! Emma Broyles (aka Miss Alaska) received the title on Thursday, culminating the famous competition’s 100th annual event, which was broadcast live on Peacock. Broyle’s victory marks Alaska’s first Miss America title in history. Lauren Bradford (Miss Alabama) was the first runner-up, while Elizabeth Pierre (Miss Massachusetts) received the second title.

Fifty female representatives from the states and the nation’s capital competed in the event, though Miss Maine Mariah Larocque shared on Instagram who had to withdraw from the competition due to a COVID-19 diagnosis. As the winner, Broyles received a six-figure salary, as well as $ 100,000 in scholarships.

For the talent part, she performed the song “Let Me Be Your Star” from the television series. Smash. Broyles also managed to stand out thanks to his vulnerability in the final round of interviews.

When asked what she would do if the male representative of a major Miss America sponsor made inappropriate sexual advances toward her, the 20-year-old replied, “I know in my heart that as a woman, I will never let someone treat me like [that], because women should never be treated as objects “.

Broyles was also candid about her mental health during her interview, saying, “I’m real. I have flaws. I have ADHD. I have dermatillomania, which is a form of OCD. I have struggled with all these things and because of that I am a better person. During COVID, it was an incredibly difficult time for me, being isolated in my college dorm for so long. It was at that moment that I hit rock bottom that I realized that I could be much more than that. “

Miss America 2022 it is now broadcasting on Peacock.

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