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How to change the creator in GroupMe

GroupMe is the perfect platform for all kinds of tasks, such as organizing family group events, work associations, and event planning. To communicate with other users involved in your project, you need to set up a group. If you are the one who created the group, you will be the owner. But in case you want to leave the workplace and hand it over to someone else, knowing how to transfer group ownership will come in handy.

In this post, we will show you how to change the owner of GroupMe groups.

How to change creators in GroupMe

You can designate another owner of your group both in the web version of GroupMe and in the app. Only the current owner can do this, and this is how the process works:

  1. Go to the GroupMe application or web browser version and enter your login information.
  2. Check if the future owner is a member of your group.
  3. Choose the group, press the member list and choose its new owner.
  4. Press the “Make Owner” button. Another option is to go to “Settings”, choose the option “Change owner” and select one from the list of participants. Once the new owner has been appointed, you cannot undo the change.

Additional FAQs

Can you chat with GroupMe?

You can chat using GroupMe. One of your options is to create a group and send text messages to its members:

• Go to the “Chats” section and press the “New chat” symbol. If you are an iPad user and cannot see the “New Chat” symbol, press the “Chat” button at the top of the screen.

• Add your members by typing their name, email, phone number, or selecting them from your GroupMe contacts.

• Modify your request to participate options. This is an optional step.

• Press the check mark or “Done” button to create the group.

How do I create a GroupMe account?

Setting up your GroupMe account is simple and won’t take long:

• Go to registration page.

• Enter your phone number.

• Enter your name that will serve as your username. It will show up as your GroupMe nickname. You can enter an email address that the application can use to contact you.

• Review the privacy policy and terms of use.

• Click on “Register” to accept them and set up your account.

How do I change the group avatar in GroupMe?

GroupMe allows you to change the avatar of your group. Follow the steps below to perform this customization:

• Open the application and find the group whose avatar you want to change.

• Press the current avatar.

• Choose the option “Edit group details”.

• Press the “Edit photo” button. Here, users can take new photos, search for one, or choose an image from their computer.

• After selecting the new photo, press the check mark at the bottom of the screen.

Can you leave a GroupMe that you created?

Leaving a GroupMe group that you created works slightly differently than removing yourself from a group where you are only a member. This is what you should do:

• Launch the application and find the group you want to exit from.

• Click or tap the avatar of the group.

• Press the “Settings” button, represented by the gear icon. If you are using an iPad, press the “Settings” button at the top of the screen.

• If you are the creator of the group, first you will have to press the option “Change owner”, choose the next owner and press “Yes”.

• You will now see the option “Leave group”. Press it and you will successfully exit your group.

How do I remove an owner from GroupMe?

Unfortunately, you cannot remove an owner from GroupMe groups. Only owners can be removed from the group. But before that, they have to transfer their ownership to another member of the group:

• Find your group in the “Chat” section.

• Press the avatar of the group and press the “Settings” button.

• Choose the option “Change owner”.

• Choose the next owner from your participant list.

• Press the “Yes” button to name the member as the new owner of your group.

The previous owner can now leave the group without ending it.

How do I change my name on GroupMe?

GroupMe Change Creator

This is how renaming works in GroupMe:

• Press your current profile photo (your avatar).

• Click or tap the pencil symbol.

• Enter the new name and click outside the profile. His name has now been successfully changed.

How do you remove yourself from GroupMe?

If you’ve decided to leave one of your GroupMe groups, here’s what to do:

• Open the application and press the avatar of the group.

• Press the “Settings” symbol.

• Browse the list and press the “Leave this group” option.

• If you are running SMS messaging, write the message “#exit” in your group number. Also, send the command “#STOP” to group numbers or the GroupMe short code to stop future text messages.

Another way to terminate the SMS service is to go to the GroupMe website:

• Log in with your username and password.

• Click or tap your avatar.

• Choose the “Profile” option.

• Press the “Stop SMS service” button and press “OK”.

Final thoughts

Owning a GroupMe group comes with a set of responsibilities. One of them is to transfer ownership before leaving the group, and now you know how to do this. It allows you to leave the group peacefully, without closing the group for all other members.

How many GroupMe groups do you have? Have you left any of them? Did you have problems with the transfer of ownership? Let us know in the comment section.

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