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Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster will arrive in February 2022 for PC and mobile

Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster reach PC (Steam) and Android and iOS mobile devices in February 2022. The latest installment of the remastered compilation of the Final Fantasy classics was scheduled for this year, but Square Enix wanted to postpone it to “offer the best possible experience” to the players. As compensation, they have added additional extras when booking and to those who will buy the complete pack.

“In order to offer the best possible experience, we want take the time to polish the last details development of the game, “says the Japanese company in a statement in Steam. “We have added new extras for pre-buyers the game individually or buy the whole lot. We really want to share with you the final title of the series Pixel Remaster early next year and we hope you feel like playing it too. “

New extras include various Timelapse Remix songs, “special tracks that begin with the version of the original soundtrack and soon they are transformed into the renewed alternative version”, and several special wallpapers available in five different sizes. The contents will be available when it is released Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster:

Special soundtrack

  • Locke’s Theme (Timelapse Remix) [cancin aadida a los extras por precomprar]
  • The Decisive Battle (Timelapse Remix)
  • Terra’s Theme (Timelapse Remix)
  • Searching for Friends (Timelapse Remix)
  • Middle Character Aria (Instrumental) [cancin aadida a los extras por precomprar]

Special Wallpapers

  • FF6: 2 types of wallpapers
  • FF1-6: 2 types of Pixel Remaster series wallpapers [aadidos a los extras por precomprar]

The first images show a 2D-HD style

Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster will have a price of 17,99 euros on Steam when it launches in February. The compilation of six titles cost 74.82 (separately they will cost 95.94) and add the soundtrack and the wallpapers as an extra. The Japanese Magazine Famitsu published several screenshots in its print edition that have been disseminated on social networks. The images show a remastering work in certain scenes that bring the title closer to what is seen in works such as Octopath Traveler.

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