Monday, June 27

Far Cry 6 gets free missions with Danny Trejo

Danny Trejo’s missions accidentally arrived in November, before Ubisoft rushed to remove them from Far Cry 6. Weeks later, everything is ready and in place so that players can embark on an adventure with that endearing character from the game. We are talking about free content that all owners of this title can enjoy now: it is time to fight with Trejo to storm Castillo’s forces and get tacos for everyone. As absurd and peak as it sounds.

Danny & Dani vs. Everybody, all for the tacos

Actor Danny Trejo is one of the collaborations that Far Cry 6 He has us ready, and now we can enjoy a batch of missions designed so that we can spend more time fighting alongside him. In these free missions, now available, Dani Rojas has to team up with Trejo to achieve an important goal: fight once again the forces of the dictator Castillo and invite everyone to tacos. You can see the two protagonists in action in the video that we have left you on these lines.

Best of all, as often happens, every great effort pays off. Players who complete these missions will earn a motorcycle with a sidecar, which has a built-in Gatling. And in order not to clash with Yara, we will also receive Trejo’s outfit to dress like him. You can also take a look at these awards in the trailer.

Everything is for some tacos

“The one and only Danny Trejo comes to Yara to make their tasty world-renowned tacos to feed the hungry. But Anton’s forces decide to blow up his plans and now he’s angry! “Is the premise that Ubisoft gives us.” Team up and fight with Danny Trejo, first with a free story mission and then with our last extra spicy Special Operation. , Malagua “.

We remind you that the content is now available for free to all users of Far Cry 6. The game can be found on Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, PS5, PC, and Google Stadia. Also Rambo and Stranger Things prepare to arrive as new collaborative missions next year, while the DLC pertaining to the villains of the saga arrive as part of the Season Pass.

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